Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I got an idea a week ago to priceline a hotel for Chris and I's 1.5. Our 1.5 anniversary that is. When we reached our 1 year, it was August and I was 7 months pregnant and super uncomfortable. Chris had planned a getaway to the Salish Lodge that overlooks Snoqualmie Falls. I opted that we waited to go until we had Siena Joy and I was more comfy and ready to actually snuggle up to my sweetie :).

So I began to plan a little getaway for the two of us to celebrate. I was going to have it happen this Friday, the 11th, because I thought that he had Saturday off. Good thing I had procrastinated in getting the hotel because I found out Chris actually had Wednesday (today) off. It was PERFECT! God is so good. 18 months prior to yesterday we were married and exactly 12 months from yesterday I took the pregnancy test and on our 6 month anniversary we found out we were pregnant. So much to celebrate and remember.

So here is the run down of yesterday:
9am: Siena wakes up, I hurry to make Chris and I lunch
10am: We leave to go visit Daddy's office so they can see Siena Joy
11am: Meet Grandma Sherie and Grandma M at Costco to buy Chinese Chicken Salad and a Magic Bullet
12:15pm: Meet Chris back in MV (Maple Valley) for lunch and let him read this note (that I was going to print off all cute but didn't have time so he read it off my iPhone)
Happy 1.5!
Today it's been 18 months since we married and 12 months since we found out about Siena Joy. You are an amazing man of God. It is incredible to see how he has sanctified, matured, and grown you in these short months of marriage. I feel so blessed to be married to you. You lead me to the Lord when my stubborn flesh doesn't want to. You gently, sometimes strongly take over caring for Siena when I don't have the strength. You love me and show me in so many ways. Because of how amazing you are and how much I love you I pray that tonight you feel loved & cherished.
12:16pm: Chris looks and me and says, "I read it really fast because I thought you were going to say we were pregnant again!" I reply, " not yet :)" He still has no idea that anything is happening even though I said tonight
12:45pm: Quick trip to Safeway to pick up ingredients for din
1:15pm: Get home and shower
2:00pm: Shelbs here, fun chat while I race around cleaning and packing our overnight bag
3:30pm: Shelbs leaves, I race around doing my hair, makeup, and continuing to finish cleaning
4:30pm: Mom gets here with Siena and I continue running around finishing details (Chris' outfit on the bed, running stuff for both of us packed, and wine and wine glasses packed - which we didn't end up drinking)
5:30pm: Finish making dinner
6:00pm: Feed SJ
6:30pm: CK gets home confused about why my mom is here
6:35pm: We leave after I get done explaining that we are going on a 1.5 date and act like we will see my mom in a few hours
7:00pm: Arrive at Kerry Park - if you haven't been there, GO! We hadn't been and it has SPECTACULAR views of Seattle - we eat our yummy chicken (recipe courtesy of Stac), rice, and salad
8:00pm: Arrive at the Space Needle - have fun reading on the history and looking at the cool sites, although the entire time I felt like I was on a plane and felt dizzy-ish and scared I was going to die, but it was fun nonetheless
9:30pm: Tell CK there is one more destination and drive by Hotel Max and point to it and say thats our last destination, CK doesn't believe me at first
9:32pm: Find out there is only valet and decide not to care that we spend $30 on parking
9:37pm: Proceed into the hotel - which if you care, is extremely bizarre
9:42pm: Get into our room out of the creepy hallway and we have a nice bed (King size - amazing upgrade from our normal full, yes we sleep in a full) and a huge flat screen (also an upgrade from our tv...)
10:00pm: Won't explain the rest of the details of the night - but we are married
10:00am: Finally we both wake up and get out of bed
10:05am: Brush teeth, get running gear on, and proceed out into chilly but beautifully sunny downtown Seattle
10:20am: Get pieces of fresh apple from two vendors and munch happily on the crisp sweetness
10:25am: Explain to Chris that we should get some fresh donuts from Pike Place, telling him that is why I stuck my debit card in my running pants zippered pocket
10:26am: He looks at me like I'm crazy
10:27am: We don't get donuts and we keep running
11:00am: Stop at Nord to see my dad
11:15am: Get a roof tour of Nord and see all the cool buildings and the water
11:40am: Decide we are getting McDonalds for bfast, my fav
11:55am: Check out of hotel
12:02pm: Realize there is not a drive-through at the MickyD's and get on the freeway
12:20pm: Get into Renton near the MickyD's and realize there is not breakfast anymore
12:30pm: Release mom from babysitting duties, love that woman to pieces
12:45pm: Eat huge omelets, toast, and orange juice that my hubby made for me
1:10pm: Get Siena to sleep
2:15pm: Put Siena into the little crib we borrowed from Sheree and Jon
2:42pm: Realize as I'm writing this that my husband probably knew that MickyD's would be out of bfast once we got to Renton
2:44pm: My baby is still sleeping in her crib... yes I know its only been a half hour but it's the longest she's gone in 6 weeks sleeping alone during the day

This was a wonderful blessing from the Lord. We celebrated, laughed, talked, got creeped out by the hotel, and knew all along that our sweet baby was being cared for.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Jesus.

(Pictures to come)

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  1. love this! so glad that it all worked out and that you had a great time! love you!