My friend Brooke...

Friday, March 30, 2012

is having a wonderful sale over on her blog today! The proceeds go to support one of her friends adoption funds! Please go over and be a part of a little one entering into the loving care of a family. Go here to see it: On another note, here is video of Siena. They will be frequent now that we live so far from family!

saying goodbye.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

This week has been an emotional ride. Hugging my mom like I was a little girl again; not wanting to let go. Standing in my amazing friends driveway (when I say amazing - it's true, they gave us a place to live while going through the support raising process) and giving hugs and kisses while my heart was capturing everyone's faces, the picture of the park, and the side of the house as we drove away. Hearing my little girl say Gahbye and Buhbye to everyone she loves so much without realizing that this is a much longer goodbye than they usually are.

Tomorrow I will be saying goodbye.

I've heard this week some very unbalanced views of what we are doing. Some think that it is incredibly heart wrenching and very hard. Others sit in the camp that we won't be gone for long and that we will see each other soon; because well - this isn't eternity.

I'll tell you something though. This move is much harder than I ever thought it would be. I sat for a long time, actually for months, thinking that this would be kind of hard but it would be all worth it because we were obedient. I actually cried out to the Lord because I wanted to feel the tug of moving, the emotion of leaving people that I love. I would say that I am an emotional person. But I don't cry easily. That's another story for another time - but I've had my share of tears this week and I am thankful.

Our family has been incredibly blessed by the people that the Lord has put in our paths. We have been given housing, food, money, gift cards, and such an insane love that transcends anything we've ever experienced. It has been so crazy. And it is going to be really hard.

Tomorrow I will be saying goodbye.
To rain (for the most part)
To the lush green landscape
To the thought that our families live twenty minutes away
To the church family that has lifted us up in prayer and financial giving
To the Wednesdays with my mom
To the dinners with college friends
To 24 years of living in the Northwest.

It isn't a forever goodbye. But it is goodbye. I am going to let it be hard because it is. But I am going to allow the Lord to work as we move and experience Him in a new place with new people.

& I always covet your prayers.