Friday, April 29, 2011

For further training on discipleship, a group of women that I am a part of, read The Trellis and the Vine over the last month. We are continuing to read, digest, and think about what it all means and how to apply it specifically to our own lives.

The book is phenomenal. It is all about the great commission when Jesus says,

"Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to obey all that I have commanded you to."

He has commanded us to make disciples, so in essence, we are disciples making disciples who go and make disciples. It is an ongoing process.

Thankfully, we are never done growing toward Jesus until we are with him. We all have so much to learn, understand, and be sanctified in. Discipleship can look like many things.

-Getting coffee with a girlfriend, laughing, and digging deep into each others lives
-Have a conversation with a stranger in a coffee shop about who Jesus is
-Truth being spoken by a mentor about sin that she sees in your life
-Playing with your kids & helping them see that the Lord has blessed you with the toys that they have
-Praying with your husband before bed
-Listening to a training about reading your bible and then using what you learned in your quiet time
-Having an accountability person in your life to talk through hard sin and issues

It is SO freeing to think about discipleship this way. Especially for those of us who had an amazing experience with one on one weekly discipleship for so long. I was so blessed in college with this that by the time I was out on my own, I was unsure of what this looked like.

Once again, I am thankful for his grace. Grace that pours out over our expectations. Grace that enables us to serve, love, and be a witness to his gospel. Grace that gives us freedom in doing things differently.

-Where do you need to establish discipleship in your life?
-Where am I already experiencing discipleship?
-How can I make disciples who then in turn are making disciples of Christ?

Because of him,

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

24 today!

Wow. I don't feel much different and I know I don't look different (some still think I am half my age). But today sure has a blessing with all the encouragement from people I know and love.

23 things that happened during my 23rd year:

1.I fell more in love with Jesus
2.I fell more in love with CK
3.I had a baby girl that I also am in love with
4.I became a member of Mars Hill Church & boy do I love it
5.I started the deaconship process
6.I ended my teaching career after a year to be a SAHM
7.I moved two times
8.I celebrated (with a sweet sign my hubster made me) my first Mother's Day even though my babe was still in the womb
9.I had to say goodbye to my sweet kitty Simon
10.I started blogging more frequently
11.I celebrated my first anniversary being married
12.I got an Iphone
13.I watched our community group grow LARGE and have to replicate
14.I met a sweet family, the Ds & now they are like my family
15.I ate probably more than 23 cheesy bean and rice burritos from Taco Bell - but hey, I was prego!
16.I survived 21 first graders
17.I enjoyed MANY firsts with SJ
18.I got to celebrate my sweet friend Christina getting hitched to my sweet friend Andy
19.I celebrated my sweet friend Shelbs running her first marathon (that I was supposed to run too but got prego..)
20.I moved into my first (rented) home
21.I was blessed with my second car (GOODBYE Suzuki Esteem & HELLO Toyota Highlander)
22.I was insanely blessed to go on a vaca to Cali with our sweet friends (more like family) the Cs.
23.I got to celebrate my friend's the Ms getting a job promotion and having a baby!

WOW. I'll say it again. WOW. There were others OF course. But these were the big ones.

Love you all!

It's been awhile

Monday, April 25, 2011

since I've been around these parts. Well, a week to be exact. I was on my blog a week ago & felt the prompting of the Holy Spirit to stay off my blog for a week. I think I may have a little of an addictive personality when I am only listening to my flesh and not yielding myself to the Holy Spirit.

So, when I hear his voice loud and clear about something I know it is for my good to listen.

A few days into the little blog purge, I realized something. I don't usually partake in lent - I feel like I need to focus on Jesus every day and when he shows me that something has become an idol in my life, it doesn't matter what time of the year it is, I need to stop, think, pray, and re-organize my life. But without knowing it, it was like a little version of lent right in my heart. He told me I was too obsessed. He told me I cared too much. He told me to look away for awhile.

And I did. And it was great. It freed up SO much time. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE the blog world that I have found myself in. I love my google reader and the way it keeps me up to date.

But if it is causing you to
a) Care less about your home
b) Spend less time with your children
c) Spend less time in prayer
d) Spend less time with your Savior
e) Forget about things in "real" world
f) Make you feel as if you are right back in the midst of the high school popularity contest
or a million other things...

Then I have to tell you sister. Stop. Take a BREAK. Make your husband's coffee & breakfast. And maybe even lunch. Meal plan for your family. Throw some laundry in the wash. Clean your bathroom. Change your sheets. Play with your baby. Kiss your husband. Get in a quiet place and CRY OUT to God for the people in your life who don't know him. Open up scripture & ask the Holy Spirit to change your heart and understand it and what it means for YOU.

I love you. I don't want you to be my walking partner down the trail of that.

Lets remember to GLORIFY him in everything. Even the amount of time that we spend doing this sweet thing he has given us.

Oh, and since I have been on here in awhile... check out these two posts! This one is a post that our church had us write when we were installed as deacons. This sweet one is our pictures taken by the lovely Jhen when we were in Cali a few weeks back. Enjoy!



Sunday, April 17, 2011

Today was a day of service.
(Chris & I were installed today as deacons at MH Bellevue. More on that later! It was so sweet.)
Today was a day of fellowship.
(We spent the night at the Cs last night. This morning was a little glimpse of how life will soon be. I love it.)
Today was a day of seeing the Lord work.
(I didn't think my dad would come see us installed. He did. Praise the Lord. I am so glad. My brother surprised me too. Thank you Jesus.)
Today was a day of friends.
(A LOT of our amazing friends from our community came to watch us get installed. Chris and I are leading the children's ministry at our overflow campus right now until the fall. We aren't able to see most of our community on Sunday mornings anymore - which is sad... but only for a season. That made today really sweet. The Ds treated us to a special ice cream date at ColdStone. Thanks Ds. Then the Ls came over. Missed them a lot & glad I got to spend some time with them.)
Today was a day of sleepiness.
(While staying at the Cs, Siena screamd her head off for a half hour at midnight and then for 15 minutes at 4. I heard it all. I prayed the entire time that the Cs wouldn't hear it. & they didn't. Praise You Jesus. Thank you. But still, we went to bed at 11:45 and got up at 6:45 with those boughts of crying in between.... Nevertheless, I am ready for bed. Now.)

My sweet mama gave this to me and I have been meaning to type it up for all you mamas out there. Be encouraged. Have hope. This is my life; many days & I imagine yours as well.

1 Corinthians 13 for Mothers.

If I keep my house immaculately clean, and am envied by all for my interior decorating, but do not show love in my family - I'm just another housewife.

If I'm always producing lovely things - sewing, art; if I always look attractive, and speak intelligently, but am not loving to my family - I am nothing.

If I'm busy in community affairs, teach Sunday School, and drive in the carpool, but fail to give adequate love to my family - I gain nothing.

Love changes diapers, cleans up messes, and ties shoes - over and over again.

Love is kind, though tired and frazzled.

Love doesn't envy another woman - one whose children are "spaced" better, or in school so she has time to pursue her own interests.

Love doesn't try to impress others with my abilities or knowledge as a mother.

Love doesn't scream at the kids.

Love doesn't feel cheated because I didn't get to do what I wanted to do today - sew, read, soak in a hot tub.

Love doesn't lose my temper easily.

Love doesn't assume that my children are being naughty just because their nose level is irritating.

Love doesn't rejoice when other people's children misbehave and make mine look good. Love is genuinely happy when others are honored by their children.

i do love you,


Saturday, April 16, 2011

My baby girl is growing. and growing! Tomorrow marks the 6th month of her precious little life. While we were on vacation, she rolled over for the first time from her tummy to her back, got her first tooth, and began saying dadadada. This week she ate brown rice cereal and held onto a rattle (for an extended period) for the first time! So many firsts!

Here is Siena eating for the first time!

My friend Sheree recently showed me a website that gives you tips, recipes, and lots more about feeding your baby solids. I made up the recipe for brown rice cereal and today is the 5th day Siena has been eating. It's SO easy and I would totally recommend doing it. It takes about 15 minutes from grinding the cereal to powder all the way to having your little one eat it. Today we are going to try peas!

Recipe for brown rice cereal:

1/4 cup brown rice powder - grind it up in a food processor or blender (I used my magic bullet)
1 cup of water

1. Bring the water to a boil.
2. Add the powder and stir constantly.
3. Simmer for 10 minutes, stirring often.
4. Mix in breast milk, formula, or water to desired consistency.

Here is Siena shaking her rattle!

Sometimes it is difficult to not desire the next "greener on the other side" season/moment. I try daily to take all of it in and be content. It isn't always that way though. Sometimes it is a huge struggle. This verse speaks to my soul to desire to live life for HIS purposes not mine.

Psalm 37:23
If the Lord delights in a man's way,
he makes his steps firm.

Job 22: Thank the Lord for the places that he has moved and made your steps firm. Write it down and drop it in!
If you desire to cultivate a heart of thankfulness & are willing to try it for 31 days (give or take - there is always grace here) - post a comment during any of my posts that relate to thankfulness. I will send you a gift at the end to show my thankfulness for you. If you are curious what the JOB is read my post here.


vacation, had to get away.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Drum roll...

Here it is! Our vacation in a few words and a lot of pictures. I hope you enjoy. If you happen to be wondering, I will finish the 31 days of Thankfulness - soon!

Friday - We got in to LAX at 1130. Started driving, talked the whole drive, held a paper bag in case PT threw up again.


Saturday - Got to Palm Desert at 230am. In bed by 3am. Slept like a rock till 6, fed Siena. Slept till 930. Walked around the hotel, ate Starbucks breakfast - mad because they didn't have breakfast sandwiches.. what kind of a Starbucks is that?? Walked around the hotel (by the way, if you like Saved By the Bell - do you remember the episode where Jessie's dad gets married? He brings them to a hotel, WE STAYED THERE!) saw really beautiful pools & a gorgeous golf course. Drove to the Love Palace. Fell in love with the Love Palace. Get unpacked. Lay by the pool. Eat amazing food. Ready to repeat.





Sunday - Eat yummy breakfast. Have family church. Sing acapella worship to Jesus family style (Amazing Grace & Deep and Wide). Go around the circle and say what we are thankful for. Lay by the pool. Get ready for pictures. Meet Jhen. Fall in love with the Stark family. Have my dream photo shoot. Know I'm going to get amazing photos. Talk and talk and talk to the Starks. Eat yummy dinner. Hang out by the fire. Wish the Starks would move to Seattle.

Monday - Coffee date with Chris. Driving date with the ladies. Go to Good Will, Target, another thrift store, Big Lots... and many others. Probably layed by the pool. I'm not sure what else happened that day.

Tuesday - Lay by the pool. Chris' parents and Grandma M get in to town after touring Vegas. Go out to dinner with them. Eat yummy pizza. Walk back to the house because Siena is too tired and is falling apart. Sit at the fire pit.


Wednesday - Up a mountain, 8,000 feet above sea level. 80 people fit in the gondola. 40 were in ours. Terrified. Great thing Chris had Siena because I almost passed out. Thankful to Chris' parents for taking us there even though it was one of my greatest fears. Finally got down. Back to the Love Palace. Ate fancy dinner. Ice cream date with Chris. REALLY yummy coldstone. Coffee with brownie - I will get it again and again. And again. Played Wits and Wagers. SO FUN. Can't wait to have money to buy it. Or play someone elses.



Thursday - Head to the Living Desert. Look at all the cool animals. Take a sigh of relief because Siena napped on Chris in the frontpack. So happy that it was sunny. Grocery shop with the ladies. Eat peanut butter pasta & yummy asian salad (Thanks Sheree!).







Friday - Guys take little guys on a hike. They get back. Ladies get pedicures! Yeah clean and pretty feet. Go on a date with Chris for dinner. Yummy calamari, burger, fries, and gnocchi gorgonzola. And a yummy desert called bong bong...? Played Wits and Wagers.





Saturday - Lay at the pool. Rach & Ray get into town. Love spending time with her because it had been 2 YEARS. Walk at El Paseo. Get asked once again, "Is that YOUR baby?" Yes. Thank you. She's beautiful. But that's not what you're asking. SHE is my baby. I am legal. Thanks. Try not to have a hard heart. Lay at the pool & play in the pool. Eat yummy food and yummy brownies and coffee ice cream.

Sunday - Drive to LAX at 6am. Get on a plane. Land in Mammoth. Stay on the plane. Land in San Jose. Eat yummy pizza. Get on another plane. Finally land in Seattle at 630!





Thursday, April 14, 2011

another day of a lazy post. read this.

how insanely sweet is jhen for posting about california... WE loved meeting YOU and were extremely blessed by your generous heart. can't wait to see the rest of the pictures... and to keep on reading your story as it unfolds.

& come back tomorrow for pictures & video. my apologies, it's just been a long week.
i do love you.


real knight life.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Today I want to share with you some of the real knight life. I've been doing so many posts in bullet format... I just haven't had the time or energy to pour myself into any good writing. I've just been struggling lately to find a balance. To not get wrapped up in blogs, posts, and followers. To remember my purpose in starting this blog.

To show others Jesus through my life and writing.

If I'm not doing that, I don't want to write another post.

So every day I follow the Holy Spirit's directing of my day and time. If that doesn't entail writing a post, then my sweet little blog will have to wait. And yesterday and today it did just that.

But life was so sweet. I learned about bitterness. I woke up with a bad attitude and a bitter and hard heart toward my husband. It came out of nowhere. Divinely, my new bible study was on Hannah and the bitterness she dealt with over never conceiving a child. My heart was changed in a matter of minutes and by the time Chris got back from coffee, my heart was ready to beg for forgiveness. What a sweet time of reconciliation and conversation.

I spent the rest of the day laughing with my parents and brother at my sweet baby girl.

By the time we got picked up from CK it was time to feed Siena solids for the first time! I cannot wait to show you the video. It is amazing. Tomorrow it will come or the day after ;).

Then the day ended with another sweet picture involving my little girl. I was nursing and rocking her to sleep and her hand was resting on mine. She kept moving her little hand back and forth. It was so sweet. In that moment I felt more tenderness and love than I ever had. In that moment I felt what I know God feels toward us. He loves us with the most tender love. So many times our thougts on how he views us are skewed. I pray that our perspective be redeemed today.


We are.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

-safely home (THANK YOU for your prayers!)
-ready for a good nights rest
-eating mac and cheese for dinner because our ricotta & spinach pasta had mold on it (that's what you get for leaving for a week!)
-listening to our heater chuggin along who's airplane-esque noise used to bother me and now the sound is quite familiar & homey after three flights today
-excited for our Disneyland trip after seeing so many families coming home from the Happiest Place on Earth dressed in head to toe Mickey garb
-already missing the familiar sounds of Selah Gracie saying, "Oh MY goodness," and laughter during the fun time after the kids were in bed
-loving the fresh smell of good 'ol rainy Seattle
-happy that we got to fly over Yosemite & the Space Needle all in one day
-looking forward to snuggling in our bed tonight - yes we sleep in a full so this really was a vacation with the large queen size bed.

& with that, CK will be home soon from the store with a few groceries. We are going to snuggle up, eat mac and cheese, and go to bed by 9:15. Can't wait to fill you in on our wonderful vacation!

Good Knight!

almost.the.end. & a fun thing.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Our last week has been so full of
  • rest & relaxation
  • fun
  • fellowship
  • games of wits and wagers
  • investing in new & old friendships
  • laying in the sun
  • trips to the Coffee Bean
  • yummy meals
  • splashing in the pool
  • thought provoking & intentional conversation about ministry
  • and so much more.
I can't wait to share more (writing & pictures) when I get home & have time to reflect on the week.

I do have a fun thing to share though! The first day we got into California, I got an email telling me that I was added to Faith Blogs! So hop on over & check it out! There are honest, real, encouraging blogs on it and I am SO blessed to be a part of it. Thanks Katie!

seriously blessed.

Monday, April 4, 2011


I am seriously typing this while I sit in the dark at almost 8oclock sans baby, staring at the light glimmer off the beautiful teal colored pool, hearing the crickets chirp, and wearing shorts. I can see my husband in the house watching the final game in March Madness. The Madness will finally end ;). Just kidding.

I am seriously blessed by my Creator.
I am seriously loved by my Jesus.

I am so thankful for this vacation. It is a vacation from the madness of February & March. It is a vacation & we are all well. It is a vacation and we can rest. I haven't opened my computer in three days and that alone says something. It is truly wonderful.

But even when I go home. Even when I am away from this luxurious vacation destination. Even when I am alone with Siena at home all day. Even when I am feeling emotionally drained. I need to remember.

I am seriously blessed by my Creator.
I am seriously loved by my Jesus.

& so are you.

Please seek him. The door will be opened & your heart transformed.


Say a little prayer

Friday, April 1, 2011


We are jetting off in about 8 hours to the sunny state of California.

I covet your prayers for -
~a safe flight
~peace & no anxiety
~a sleeeepy baby
~a calm baby
~reliance on the LORD.

I am beyond excited to get away. It will be SUCH a nice break from the normalcy of life. But I do get a little too wrapped up in the travel & I would rather not focus on that. Thank you in advance for your prayers.

Aaaand... hopefully I will be updating this while I am away!