Day onetwo & a gift for you.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day one was... yesterday. Before I get all teary eyed and tell myself, "I told you so!" about missing a day already let me turn your eyes off of my frustration and onto the project that we are starting.

Yesterday, I sat and read Day One of the Basket of Blessings in my living room. My baby was sleeping and my husband was laying sick on the couch. She first talked about how developing an attitude of thanks takes practice.

First we must choose gratitude; then we will begin to see everything in our lives as a gift, regardless of the circumstances or the appearance. That doesn't mean we're expected to shout "Hallelujah!" when a loved one dies or our home is robbed or we're struck with a terminal illness. That wouldn't be human. But when we foster the habit of giving thanks in all things, as the apostle Paul counsels us in Colossians 3:17, we are able to see how God uses all these experiences for our good. And for that we thank him.
The first question she asks is, "Are you willing to choose gratitude? What will it cost you?"

I think over my day yesterday and realize that my prayer was answered. My heart is already inclining toward gratitude in one day. I know this is not of my own doing because yesterday was not easy. CK is sick and so is little Siena. My sweet husband has felt ill now for about three weeks off and on. He has had intense fevers the past few nights where he is extremely cold and covered in blankets - even telling me to lay the couch cushion on him for more pressure, and extremely hot where he soaks through the sheets. We have already gone through a lot of testing and there is more to come. They cannot figure this out. My first reaction is usually panic mode. This time was different. I was worried if I focused on it, but my first reaction was, Lord, you are in control. Thank your for whatever you are going to do through this. Chris and I have had lots of prayer times over the last few days, giving this illness, our work, our finances, to him. Am I scared you ask? Well, if I give in to my flesh and listen to it instead the answer is yes. But I am choosing thankfulness and gratitude that only comes from the Holy Spirit.

Today is Day two. The portion today that I want to reflect on is something I really struggle with. She says, "Simplicity encourages us to be well, look well, feel well, and do well without making a statement about it." I find myself really struggling with desiring new things all the time. New jeans, new pillows for the couch, new kitchen gadgets ... on and on the list could go. It is not a sin to have nice things but when your mind becomes focused on it, it most definitely is. The apostle Paul says to be content in plenty or in need. Am I? Can I be ok with the "simple" things that I have. Even that statement is ridiculous. I may have "simple" things compared to some Americans - but I own a tv, a MAC, an Iphone, a bed & nice linens, live in a warm home, and have a lot of food in my kitchen. I am not saying this to boast. I am saying this because I think that most of us are this way. We have SO much and we still desire more.

I have told you this so that my joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete.
-John 15:11
Our joy is to be in him not what we own. Be thankful for what you have - big and small. But mostly, be thankful for knowing Christ. If you don't know him yet, he wants to know you. He chose to come to earth for you. He lived a perfect life so that he could die for your sins. He loves you. He wants a relationship with you. Our joy is to know him and know that our eternal life and salvation come from him alone. If you read this and you are questioning, searching, or wondering, please message me on fb or email me @ meganaliciaknight{at}gmail{dot}com.

Lastly, the reason that this book is called Basket of Blessings is because she talks about how someone she knew discussed with her about writing down her blessings. Her and her husband did this from January through November and on Thanksgiving morning they emptied the basket and read everything they had been thankful for over that year. This is such a sweet tradition to start and I am starting today - with a simple canning jar. My Jar of Blessings.

Heres the sweet part: if you decide to join me & I'm talking 31 days (give or take, there is always grace here) to start your own Basket or Jar of Blessings to cultivate an attitude of thankfulness comment on this post. If you do I will send you something at the end of my "31" days.

JOB (Jar of Blessings) Day 1 - One person in your life that has made an impact & why
JOB Day 2- 5 simple gifts you are thankful for


  1. this is a great post, and a great idea! i will join you too! thanks for being such a great source of encouragement to me! i love you!

  2. I want to do this, Megan! I love this.

  3. This is amazing that you are doing this! It is really serving all of us who read your blog! Love you!

  4. Love reading your blog Megan, it is very honest and encouraging. I feel like I really relate with the always desiring new things as well, which totally robs any joy and contentment for what God has already given. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thanks for the comments! I am excited to share this with you guys! I'm glad it's encouraging to someone - sometimes you aren't sure :)

    Katie - because I know a few Katies, can you send me your info via fb or email? That way I can make sure you are included in the gift at the end?

  6. Great idea Meg! I love reading your posts. They always bring great insight and encouragement. I will definitely join you in this!