Romans 6:23

For the wages of sin is death. But the free gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord. 

This verse has been monumental in the way that I articulate my faith. The italicized words will hopefully guide you through the scripture to understand the gospel. When we work for something we earn a wage.  The first part of this verse says that what we earn from sin is death. The word sin was used for the game of darts. Anything outside of the black dot in the middle of the board was sin. It doesn't matter how far out you are - a centimeter (things we view as minor sin) or a mile (things we view as major sin). Romans also says that all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. Jesus lived a perfect life and is the only one to have ever made the mark.

What we earn for missing the mark is death. In this case, death means eternal separation from God. It does not just mean temporary, bodily death. This is instead, showing us that we earn a punishment completely separate from our Creator. We choose to sin in our motives, thoughts, words, and deeds and they have all caused us to miss this mark. Please feel the depth of that word forever.

Take a deep breath now.
The rest of the verse is the hope!

The verse continues and says that the free gift - something we CANNOT earn is eternal life. Eternal life is spending forever with our God. So please, do not click away from this page without understanding this key part. You & I cannot do anything to earn salvation. We cannot live our life a certain way, go to a certain church, know certain people, and stop certain sins to earn our way to heaven.

The free gift of God is eternal life through Christ (Savior) Jesus our Lord (King). We can only receive this precious free gift through our Savior and King Jesus. He gives it freely to those who ask.

If you have any questions about what this means, how to become a follower of Jesus, or a question about anything else... please email me. Talking about Jesus is so life giving to me and I would love to share with you more about my personal journey with him.


Love ya!