About Me

Hi there! I am Megan Knight, the gal I am sure that you are getting to know around this blog. I am truly thankful that you are here and I pray that you are encouraged through a post, video, or picture. You see,  that is what this is all about to me. Of course I desire a more beautiful blog, more beautiful photos, a more put together life. But - the bible says to live the life that Jesus has given US. This is my life. I love it.

That doesn't mean that I don't struggle in the day to day. You are probably very aware of that! I try to live my life transparently and I am open to talking about my sin, my hurt, and my Jesus. I also really like to talk about my family - my very sweet and dashing husband and my beautiful and intelligent girl. I feel blessed to have been gifted them and I want to treasure them each day.

I will tell you a little bit more about myself (because I know that is what I always want to know when I get to someone's blog!). I love technology. My favorite part in the last few months has been Pinterest because it has brought a creative side to my life that I have always wanted but never knew where to find. It has helped me channel my love for fashion, interior design, and hair. Through it I have developed a greater urgency to get out of yoga pants, do my hair, and go thrifting!

I also LOVE food. I mean, occasionally that is actually one of my bigger sins. I begin to love it too much. But right now - I don't, so I can be thankful to Jesus for it! If asked, I am sure my husband wouldn't have a clue what my favorite food is, because it changes daily. Through my love of food has also developed a love of cooking new recipes and figuring out what goes well together.

My family is a little quirky. We spend time time together at home, in the car, in Community Group singing and loud. This is especially true of my dashing Knight but he has slowly rubbed off on me in a really good way and I am starting to come out of my shell and well - do what I know I've been created to do & bolt it loud! We love singing together, worshipping Jesus together, and finding new songs that our voices match well on.

Lastly - I think it is probably an important part of my life to fill you in on. I love Jesus. I have a story that led me to him. I believe that we all take a stance on who he is to us. Who is Jesus to you? Although this may not feel like an open dialogue - please allow it to be. Email me at meganaliciaknight{at}gmail{dot}com with any questions about life, love, and more importantly the lasting relationship with Jesus Christ.

I appreciate you.