The Wedding Party

Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Bridesmaids

Megan Yen, my maid of honor, has been extremely instrumental in my walk with the Lord, guiding me to trust the Lord more fully. I have known her for 4 years and have traveled with her to Italy the past two years.

Shelby Albrecht is a dear friend from WSU who I was room-mates with in Siena, Italy my first summer there. She is an amazing woman who supports me in everything and cares for details just like me!

Annie Bofenkamp and I have known each other for two years now. We were blessed with a sweet friendship through the Elementary Education program at WSU. She helped me get through my last semester in Pullman with her prayers and optimism!

Chelsea Fries and I have been friends since we were twelve years old. Our friendship is truly one that resembles one between sisters. We have walked through some difficult life experiences together and I am excited to walk through being newly married at the same time!

Rachelle Richardson, second from the left, and I met my freshman year in college. She has a passion for the Lord that inspires me and pushes me to have the same. Christina Johnson, third from the left, and I have been blessed with a sweet bond through fun and hard times over the last few years. I miss her dearly as she is now living in Montana, but I thank the Lord for the sweet last few months he gave us in Pullman!

The Groomsmen

Kevin Knight; my best man and older brother, has been there for me to rely on my entire life. Since we were little playing backyard baseball, to just last week when I spoke with him on the phone, he will forever be my best friend. Everyone be prepared to be blown away by his best man speech!

Shaun Knight, has been the person to make me laugh more than anyone. Although he has only been alive a few years, he has done more things which inspire me than many people my age. From 30 hour famines to beating me in beach football, Shaun and I share a bond that is quite unique and only from heaven.

Aaron Lanting, my former roomate and current close friend. We met at WSU, and teamed up as under classman to bring the gospel of the Lord to people in our greek community. Aaron and I enjoy playing hoops, golf, and hosting our fiances whenever possible.

Nathan Ball, my first idol in life. HaHa. Close friends since we were in Miss Hatchrups kindergarten class. Throughout highschool and college Nathan and I explored countless places and laughed over many insognificant things. Rarely can you find Nathan upset about something, and always finds joy in the simple things, something I have looked up to for years.

One of the most inspiring people in my life, Clayton Phillips, has taught me music, friendship, and how to experience God greater. We met at WSU, this last year, and since knowing Clay, I have learned how to better respect people and find the glorious aspects of the Lord in every day! Clayton was also my near assistant/waiter when proposing to Megan.

Steve 'Baby's Daddy' Yen. By far one of my closests freinds I will ever have in life. Steve and I met when I was a sophomore, and over time showed me how to develop as a man, see the good in people around me, and grow closer to God. Steve just had his first baby, Oliver, and has been growing recently as a father. Love you Steve.