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Sunday, January 30, 2011

What a week. Actually, it's been a pretty crazy month. All I can say is thank you Jesus for good family and friends - and complete strangers (who are praying for me & mine ;). I am so grateful. It has been hard to get on my computer in the last few days as we have been super busy. Days filled with lots of craziness.

Wednesday we got to sleep in. If you know about my sweet Siena Joy, you know she has been an amazing sleeper from week four. We had a few hard weeks in the midst of moving and the holidays but she got back on track and was sleeping ten hours straight through. Well, the last two weeks have been a back to newborn stage as she is constantly starving. She has been eating every three hours through the entire day. So... in spite of what others may think (fear of man is really an issue here) we are going to be giving her rice cereal soon. She needs more calories and we want to see if it will help her last longer through the night. I know that many people have differing opinions but I think if it may help, why not try?

Back to Wednesday - we slept in. She actually woke up at 6 to eat and seemed wide awake but boy was I not ready to get up... So, I laid her in her crib and miraculously (Thank you Jesus) she fell back asleep about ten minutes after talking to herself. We all got up around nine and a real evidence that Chris may be on the mend is his desire to go adventure is back. We decided to drive to Snoqualmie Falls to get out and see something in God's creation. I also have a favorite Irish pub in Snoqualmie that I was happy to get to go visit. We got sidetracked with the beauty of the falls and ran into a college friend while looking at Salish Lodge sooo we didn't get to eat the yummy food. We then hurried back to drop Siena off with a sweet friend and get to Chris' dr. appointment. The dr. told us after many questions and an examination that one of two things were true. Chris was either getting over a nasty virus or he may have an issue with his liver. So, please pray & thank you because I already feel your prayers in the way that my hubster is acting and feeling. That night we had community group, which was amazing as we haven't been to church in four weeks...

Thursday, thanks to my amazing husband for a great birthday gift (Yes, my birthday is in April & yes, I just got to use my gift) and for another sweet friend who watched my daughter, I was pampered. I had a facial (delightful!), an eye brow wax (not so delightful but the outcome was very necessary), and a pedi (simply divine). Afterwards I got to stay and hang out at my friends and have dinner with our families.

Aaand... today we had mom's group at my house. I made scrumptious blueberry muffins while I got SJ to sleep in just like the other day... till 10:30! Then, ANOTHER amazing friend watched Siena while I got to pick up my highlander. Ohhh haha. Can't believe I forgot to add that part of the post and it's the title I chose for this post. If it's not your baby waking you up every three hours, or your sick husband every few hours, it's your highlander. The alarm went off about 20 times Wednesday night in increments of 5 mins, 20 mins, and sometimes it would wait 2 hours just until you fell into a good and deep sleep. Anyway, I took it in and they can't even figure out the problem. Hopefully it doesn't happen again.

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