The countdown begins...

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Here we are, with less than ten weeks (or maybe a little more) until our precious bundle arrives. It is crazy to think about all that will change and try to be ready for all that "unexpected" change as well, probably defeating the purpose of it being unexpected. We are so so so excited.

Well, I didn't blog about anything that happened in the last month because life was just too crazy. We almost bought a house. Keyword: almost... Our first year anniversary was on Sunday and it was a sweet day. We were ending vacation with the Knights and the Robaks on Lake Entiat. Driving home we decided to pop into Cashmere and see our friends Jesse and Megan. What a wonderful time that was. Talking about Jesus, babies, and fresh veggies out of the garden (YUM!). When we finally made it back home that day, we sat on our couch and talked finances. Looking at our budget and all the other things that have to do with money coming in and going out each month. We desperately want to live within our means because Jesus calls us to do that. In our conversation with Jesse and Meg, we talked about men in the bible. God really had them in a nomadic, take me wherever you want me to go, kind of an attitude. It is biblical to be ready to listen to his calling, obey, and go - even if go just means down the street or across town. Well, we finally heard him speaking clearly. Letting us know that buying this home would be over our heads. A lot of times I try to decipher what God's intentions are. If you aren't laughing at that, you should be. There is NO way, that we could understand the full purpose that God has for us in any given moment. But alas, I try.

With all that said, we are both so at peace. We are so united in our decision. We are following Jesus and his desire for us in this. Walking away from it was not easy. In fact, I have become so accustomed to design blogs, old home blogs, and renovation - that now I am having to redirect a lot of my mind's thoughts. A lot of people may say, you are only 23! You have so much time! Boy, do I agree with you. But each step of this process, we were praying and seeking to make the right decision. The amazing positives that have come out of this in our marriage are worth the whole process. I love how God unifies over the tough times. You really don't see it until it's gone.

Now, we are looking into many options. We have decided upon one. We will get into that later. But I am excited. There are little materialistic things in this decision that I am fighting myself on. And then, I think about the man at the park that I see every time I go. Opening up the garbage bins to find his daily meal. With that, I am disgusted with myself. He has no home. He has no food. He has no job. He has no family. I know my purpose - glorifying Jesus with my life. I have so many blessings - family, friends, food & a roof over my head. As an American, little inconveniences are the end of the world. But I want that to end. I want to stop being obsessed with materialism and money. God tells us that we cannot serve both God and money. I want to serve God. So I choose to not care about the little things & instead spend my time praying, reading his Word, and becoming more like him.