Tuesday, February 15, 2011

If I haven't already told you - Siena only sleeps in my arms during the day.

The story goes like this:
-2 month old Siena gets sick
-2 month old Siena won't sleep anywhere but in her mama's arms
-2 month old Siena gets better
-2 month old Siena still will only sleep in her mama's arms
-3 month old Siena will only sleep in her mama's arms
-4 month old Siena is now 13 pounds and hurting her mama's arms
-Mama is trying something new with the help of her mama.

(these are my notes for my new plan of attack for naps... if it bores you, I'm sorry; it's more for my records than to be interesting)
9:00am rocked - slept 1/2 hr in arms, I got fed up & laid her down, she cried, let cry 15 mins
11:20am - lay her down while shes screaming because nothing will console her, sleeps till 12:15
2:05pm - sleeps till 235 help put her back to sleep, in crib till 306
4:36pm - put in crib, quiet at 4:49 sleep til 4:53 quiet at 4:57 till 5:47
8:15pm - in crib quiet at 8:40 (yeah... 25 mins of crying) till 10:40
10:40pm - ate and slept till 7:45am

Something is working!! Thank you Mom!!

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  1. Good job! Babies need to learn to self soothe themselves and I know it can be difficult at first, especially to listen to them cry, but it does get better!!