accountability and discipline

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Good afternoon!
It is sunny here. Finally! A hot 70degrees... Boy, I am in for a rude awakening in a few days. Orlando is averaging 93degrees this week. But I am excited!

Thank you for holding me accountable. I know. I know. You can't really hold me accountable. But something about knowing that I wrote that I would be running that day, well it made me go out and do it. Would you like to see my cheerleader who greeted me with claps right when I was done?
Here she is.
photo (1)

Pretty darn cute huh? I think so!
Anyway, on to the important things.

The Knight family has been having to do a lot of thinking lately. About discipline. Discipline with finances, our walks with Christ, our time, our relationships, our parenting (not necessarily disciplining Siena yet;), and exercise. Right now, I am reading Spiritual Disciplines of the Christian Life by Donald Whitney. I started reading it a few months ago in my accountability group with two other ladies. Honestly, this is one of the best books I've ever read. I would recommend it right after the Bible. It talks through 1Tim 4:7-8 that says, Rather train yourself for godliness, for while bodily training is of some value, godliness is of value in every way, as it holds promise for the present life and also for the one to come.

This book talks about being disciplined spiritually so that we become more like Christ and glorify him with our lives. Basically, this book has started to focus me on being disciplined. I know that in my life I am a Christ follower, then a wife, then a mama, then a friend/daughter/athlete/any.other.role.i.have.

So do my priorities show themselves in that way? Do yours?

Here are some ways that we are trying to actually have this happen in our household -
  • Siena goes down for her first nap at 9. It is SO tempting to rush around getting things to be organized, dishes done, laundry done, emails, pinterest, blogging... You get the gist. But I must meet with Jesus first or my day is chaos. I must meet with him or my perspective is so off for the entire day.
  • Chris has a day off. I want to spend it all with him - sleeping in (7:50.. I know it's laughable), eating, going to the park, planning. But I know I need Jesus more - so I come here to Starbucks to meet him and to get some quiet time away from the world.
  • Siena cries and whines and yells and screams. At this point I want to freak out. Tell Chris to turn the car around. To go home. To stop the plans. But instead, I love him. I give in to his pleas for prayer and woah. Everything goes the opposite direction. Because I let my husband lead me out of my sin and to the King.
  • I'm invited to go to another event. I've already been to a few coffee dates, play dates, etc... that week. My house is a mess. Our lives feel as if they are in disarray. Should I go? No, I should be wife, home-maker, mom. Get things done. Love my family.
  • Siena wakes up. Everything is calm. I could go on the computer. We could lazily do nothing (which is not always bad!). But I discipline myself and go on a jog. The Bible says that bodily training is of some value. Not ALL value. But some. So, to love my family by being healthy, by stewarding my body well. I go out and get my run on.
I am not always good at these things. But this is what Jesus is teaching me.
How do you discipline yourself for godliness?

Running & Minnie Mouse.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


There she is. Yep, Minnie Mouse. She is about to be my best friend here in a little bit. We will meet up in Florida soon and then in Cali a month later. The first time we will just say hello. The second time we will be competing. You know why? Because I'll be doing this.


And, I bet that lots of the other ladies will have something Minnie on them, and all I will want to do is run faster to race past them.
However ladies and gentlemen, I have only run 4miles since having Siena. When is that race you ask?

Oh yeah. 7 weeks away.

So, yeah. I'm a little behind. But that's alright.
Y'all are going to keep me accountable right? Right. So today I better get my bootie out there and run. Even if it is a 4miler. Because this weekend better be 5 so I can make it up to 10 before the race.

Ya hear me? Please keep this tush of mine in check.
Annnnd... then I'll be racing down the streets of Disneyland, happy as a clam.
Or sick like I ate some.

Baby Violet.

Monday, July 18, 2011

This morning Chris called me from work and had me take a break from my Jesus time this morning. I didn't question why, I just went over to my computer and typed in the familiar website that he asked me to go to.

As he started to explain the article that he wanted me to read, I began to get quite emotional. This new dad, also a staff member of the Resurgence and Mars Hill, has an 11 week old little girl who was born almost completely blind. I'll let you read his article, but please pray for his family. Baby Violet is probably in surgery as I type. But as her sweet, Godly daddy says, please pray more abundantly that Baby Violet would know her Heavenly Father and that her spiritual blindness would be taken away.

Pray this with me.

Dear Jesus,
(Psalm 67)
I pray that you would be gracious to them and bless them,
I pray that your face would shine upon them,
and most of all that your way may be known on earth because of this,
and your saving power.
I pray that they would praise you, O God,
that we would ALL praise you.

I pray that they would be glad and shout for joy,
for you judge all of us with equity,
and I pray that you would guide them through all of this.
I pray that they would praise you, O God,
that we would ALL praise you.

I pray that they would yield your increase,
I pray that you would bless them.
Please bless them God,
let all of us fear your name.


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Happy Birthday SJ!

I love you so so so much. I get so much joy from you every day. The Lord truly picked your sweet name and you live it out so well. Thank you for daily lighting up my life. You have made some milestones this last month. You started rocking back and forth on all fours, trying to crawl with your legs but then falling because you aren't so sure what to do with your arms. You clapped with your hands open while we were on vacation two weeks ago! It was so fun and now you do it whenever you want to, when I say clap clap clap, and when anyone says Yay! You babble all the time, saying things like mama, dada, baba, and many other sounds. You still blow raspberries, click your tongue, and have your bouts of screaming...

This month we had to sleep train you again. The culprit was your first two teeth that came in about two days apart. This had you up during the night for about a week. After that your lovely pediatrician advised me to train you again because the pain shouldn't last that long. Your mama was very (I mean VERY) happy to hear that. So, now you are sleeping again all night. You are taking two naps most days, one at 9am for about an hour and a half, and one at 12-1pm for an hour. Sometimes you really need another nap at 4 and that one is a quick thirty minutes.

You eat SO much! You still nurse four times a day before each nap and bed. You also eat any veggie and fruit that I give you, you've tried tortilla, bread, ice cream, puffs, artichokes (which you didn't really like), and pasta. You love to eat! Especially little chunks of banana - which you try to pick up but end up making everything incredibly sticky. You aren't sure how to actually put food into your own mouth yet so it just ends up squished in your hands and on the ground. But that's alright because you enjoy holding it and it distracts you from needing me 100% of the time.

That's right. We've come to a phase of loving our mama a whole lot. More than before. A little separation anxiety? Maybe. You also love being held by anyone if you can see me. Aaand... you do fabulously at church. You love being distracted by other kids. We lived with Dylan Parker and you love him so much. Now we live with Parker Timothy and Selah Grace. You love them both but I can tell the way you look at Selah for the first time in the morning... you two are going to be sweet friends.

I love you Siena Joy. I am so excited for you to crawl, walk, run, talk, and hug and kiss me more and more.

I love being your Mama.


Saturday, July 16, 2011

On March 21st, Chris received an email from our good friend, who is also the Children's Director at our church. This email stated that internships were changing (Chris was currently an intern in Children's Ministry) and that we needed to pray about whether or not we wanted to accept the new internship which included things like more hours and more training among other things.

We prayed and both felt the Lord pulling us in the direction of accepting the new internship. This meant a few things for our family. Part time work for the Church. Part time work for Chris' current job as he basically would demote himself to a lower position to continue to provide for our family. This also meant trying to find a family to house us for this season so as not to put an unnecessary burden upon Chris to work more than he should (a recommendation for anyone accepting these new internships).

A little back story. Since we met, Chris and I have both felt that obedience would look a little crazy for us in the eye of the typical person. We felt that the Lord would call us to do some pretty abnormal things for the gospel. It makes sense doesn't it? Jesus did a pretty abnormal thing, in laying his life at the cross, paying our penalty for our sin? In light of that crazy, amazing, act of a blessing - our lives should imitate his and be abnormally different to share the good news of a savior with the world. Right? Right. Because we knew that the desire had been placed in both of us, we were prayerfully considering every opportunity that came our way since being married. At the end of last year, a few came up, but I didn't feel peace about any of them. So we continued to pray and wait.

After we prayed, talked, and decided that we would accept the internship more began to change. The Lord began tugging at my heart to raise funds for this season. He helped me remember my previous three stints in raising support and how his name was glorified and how he provided every penny that I needed. The next day another one of our friends mentioned Great Commission Ministries and how we should consider raising money through them. Then we received more news to pray about.

We were asked to pray through accepting a full time unpaid staff position for our church. We prayed and talked and decided. It was so peaceful. Is raising your salary 100% peaceful? Is moving two times into two different families homes 100% peaceful? Is quitting your job that is providing money for your family 100% peaceful? Is telling your family and friends of this crazy opportunity 100% peaceful? In the world's standards? No. It's not. But it has been! Gloriously peaceful. Every decision that we've made has been laced with Jesus' peace and for that I am SO grateful. I know this is his plan. His will. His timing.

Of course, you may have questions. That makes sense. We want to answer them the best we can. But we don't know everything. Just like four months ago we had no idea that any of this would be happening. But the Lord slowly revealed it and it is good. So, if you have questions please, please ask. If you need clarification - I will do my best! And, if you support the gospel going out and want to support us you can go here and type in Chris Knight. But truly, we covet your prayers for Jesus to do work to allow us to work and serve him.

Here is the letter that we sent our a few days ago.
Microsoft Word - The Knight Life.doc

I'm grateful to be able to finally fill you in on the details.
We are SO encouraged, SO excited, SO ready to continue to be obedient to the call on our lives.


small town usa.

Friday, July 15, 2011

I know. I know. It's been eleven days since the 4th. But c'mon people, just wait till tomorrow when I spill -

Yeah, you heard right.

It's time.

Time for the story to finally be told. Time for the details to come out. Time for me to get really honest. Time for you to understand the scatterbrained posts and lack-thereof.

But really, I love writing. I love telling of the adventures that we go on. I love revealing my heart and being transparent. So, as much as I can - I will continue to. Here is the weekend of the 4th. Well, one day of the weekend. I edited these pictures with Pioneer Woman's heartland action. Isn't it a little small town usa? Love it. It feels to me like I traveled back about hmm I don't know (i really don't know ;) - 50 years? Although 50 years ago I'm pretty sure they didn't have Baby Bjorns, BMX Bicycles, or Petunia Picklebottom diaper bags but you get the idea.
Old cars down on main street. Just in case you are just tuning in, that sweet thing on the right is not me. She is Chris' cousin Annika. Love her.heartland6
Shiny and beautiful. Can you imagine driving in this day to day?
Conconully. Yep. That's where we were. Where the country folk give you nine scoops of cookie dough ice cream when you ordered two. That's just how they roll.

Thank goodness too, because boy that was some goooood ice cream.
She loved the Joy.
And I love the Joy.
And he loved (loves) the Joy.

And there you have it. July 4th, 2,011. Done. Check. Written.

Tomorrow friends, please come back. You'll find out about the haps around here, the glorious story that Jesus is writing for us. Scratch that. The glorious story that he is writing that WE GET to be a part of.




Monday, July 4, 2011

Here's a little glimpse of the weekend.
First image ever edited in photoshop... Maybe more to come?

We had a great time, s'mores, cards, food, fireworks.
Pretty much no sleep for this mama though? A little insomnia I think.

Longer post to come! Hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend!