Friday, March 11, 2011

Sanctification is such a beautiful thing. During our time here if we yield our lives to the Holy Spirit, we will become more like Jesus. My soul shouts, "Praise God!"

But that doesn't mean that it's not rough. Sometimes sanctification hurts. You see your sin. You feel the call to change.

I feel that now. I am so glad that my mom gave me this book and that I started this journey with you to better thankfulness. It's funny though because every day when I come to read the book, my heart goes, "Woah, ouch." Primarily because I had already forgotten to be thankful in the few hours since reading the previous day. How tiresome it can become. But there is hope and for that I am thankful.

Today my heart has felt fleshy - yeah the dictionary says a different meaning for that word. What I mean is I feel led by my internal emotions not the Holy Spirit. The bible talks about when we let the Holy Spirit direct our path we get fruit such as self control, peace, and love. When we live out of our flesh, gross, icky things come out like hatred, anger, and despair. To top it off, I didn't just feel fleshy today, I acted fleshy. Please forgive me Lord.

Sometimes we need to just stop and ask for forgiveness. & that is today for me. Actually that is this moment.

I have been so wrapped up in how I wish certain things were different in my life, how I desire more time with my husband, and giving in to anxiety, that I was entranced with the weeds instead of gazing at the garden. CK came home for lunch today and instead of being thankful and happy I was depressed and full of anxiety. Boo. I ruined a fun lunch date. Today Karen reminded me that we need to ask God for his point of view so we don't stay trapped in our stare at the weeds mentality. When you ask, you will receive. How sweet is that. In the chapter she gave an example of a woman being at a Billy Graham crusade and hearing thousands of people singing praises to Jesus gave her a new perspective and a new vantage point.

Right when I read that, the Holy Spirit brought one of my favorite memories I have with my mom to mind. We both went to the Mars Hill Bellevue women's retreat last year when I was about six weeks pregnant. I remember being in the room with so many women singing Amazing Grace. We got to the verse that says,

When we've been there
ten thousand years
Bright shining as the sun
We've no less days
to sing God's praise

then when we first begun.

I remember grabbing her hand and feeling so thankful that we both knew Jesus. That we were going to be spending an eternity together praising him. But I also remember being heartbroken for the people that we know that won't be there. & then feeling the urge to tell them the great news. What an amazing memory.
I am so thankful for it & the perspective that the Lord gave me in that moment.

You, O Lord, keep my lamp burning;
my God turns my darkness into light.
Psalm 18:28

JOB Day 16- Thank the Lord for the ways in which he has shared his vantage point with you.
**If you desire to cultivate a heart of thankfulness & are willing to try it for 31 days (give or take - there is always grace here) - post a comment during any of my blogs that relate to thankfulness.
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  1. I really appreciate this post, because I struggle with the same thing - it's so easy to focus on the negative and let it affect my attitude, instead of being thankful.

    I just came across your blog, and I've been enjoying reading it! :-)

  2. Callie - thanks for reading! I've been reading yours now too! We are on similar journeys it seems! I hope you have a wonderful day!