Monday, March 21, 2011

Piles and piles of laundry. That was my life today. I finally (after three months of living here) cleaned out our garage. We are going on vacation in a week and a half and are headed to destination 70-80 degree weather! Yay! This means that summer clothes are needed. So I brought them in and started washing. I am really looking forward to vacation.

Yesterday, we had the opportunity to go to a Biblical Living Seminar at our church. Our good friend taught it on having a biblical world view. It was AMAZING. I am so excited to sketch out what we want to do differently because of what we heard.
The two big take aways I had were:
  • How I spend my time - he called it the Friend Funnel. I may get his permission to show you all what that means, but the biggest thing to me was that I am not spending time with nonbelievers. I want my life to be an outpouring of God's grace to others. I want to be bold in my faith. I want to be proclaiming his good news. Who am I doing that to?
  • If I am not sharing my faith boldly - someone else is, who has a false gospel...
I'll share more about that seminar soon...


You smiled for the first time in your second month of life on December 5th. The morning that I went in and picked you up out of your crib and you SMILED at me... I was overcome with joy. The sweetest moment. Your smiles are SO beautiful. From week four you were sleeping through the night. It started at about 7hrs and went up to 10hrs for some days. You truly are a great sleeper. You ate practically every two hours and the dr. said that you were probably getting enough calories in the day and you didn't need them at night. After 4pm you were a pretty cranky baby during this month. You always wanted to be held (you love us SO much!) and if we put you down even for a second in your swing you would scream and scream. Occasionally Uncle Shaun would take you upstairs and let daddy and I talk after a long day apart. It was very nice of him. Grammie came over almost every day and helped me with you. I was very thankful for her during this time. We were still living at your Papa and Grandma's for most of your second month and so we were far from church. It took about 45mins to get there and you would cry for the first little while and then sleep and sleep. You would even stay asleep when we brought you into church. Having your diaper changed... made you scream. Thinking back at these things show me what a short time it was. None of these things make you scream anymore :). You were dedicated to the Lord in front of the church this month. It was so amazing to stand up there and tell everyone that through God's grace we were going to raise you up knowing Jesus and hearing the gospel constantly so that hopefully you will be a strong daughter of the King.

Love you Joys,


  1. LOVE that first picture of your baby girl!! SO precious!! I do not like having tons of laundry to do so I feel for you but, it sounds like it's for an exciting goal1! Vacation! yeah!! Good luck;0

  2. Your little girl is so sweet!
    It must be kind of exciting doing laundry for vacation! I'm slightly jealous. :-)

  3. Thank you! I am really excited...

    I'm not sure how that first picture turned out so well... point & shoot! I am so excited to learn how to use my camera soon!

  4. How beautiful are baby dedications!?!?!?! I LOVE IT!

    And ditto Casey, I love that first picture of her!

  5. love that we got to dedicate our daughters together! love you sweet friend!

  6. Baby dedications are wonderful... How amazing to have a church to help raise up our kids for Jesus.

    What's funny about that first picture is I think that it is probably the best I have ever taken - without even trying. I have NO idea how to use my camera. Hopefully I can take a class soon...

    It was wonderful!! Love you Al!