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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Huge breath in. & let it out. Wow. This has been a GREAT day!

The men in our church went to a Men's Advance (because men don't retreat :) last night so I stayed overnight at my friend Heidi's house. We made yummy food, did a bit of a craft for an upcoming birthday party, and then after everyone else left stayed up talking about life. It was a sweet time. I slept in her son's room and Siena slept in what will be their nursery in the fall! This morning when I went to get her she was super smiley. I noticed that Heidi's door was shut and could hear her and her son giggling and talking inside. I went downstairs to change Siena's diaper and unzipped her sleeper and folded the first part of her blanket. Then I saw it. Poo. Everywhere. I couldn't keep this hilarious moment to myself.

I went and knocked on Heidi's door and Dylan opened up. I told them I had something really disgusting to show them. A very unexpected... surprise. I proceeded to unwrap her (I had to rewrap her to show them the full effect) and we all started to laugh. Siena had huge smiles on her face. I think she felt really good after all that came out :). So needless to say, Justin - if you are reading this and don't already know, Siena got a good scrub down in your tub.

After that we played at a park down on Lake Washington for four hours! I was SO glad that about half way into it Siena fell asleep in the front pack. I had no idea how she would do so this was truly a blessing from the Lord... many prayers were lifted up about it. Then we spent time back at Heidi's house and our friend Sheree came over with her two boys. We laughed and talked (probably way too much) about food. We love food. Now my sweet husband is home with me and after feeding his belly he is asleep on the couch. Probably from all that flag football in the mud I heard about and staying up till 2am.

Hope you all had a good Saturday!

Honey Bell,

You got sick at the beginning of your third month of life. This changed a lot of our "routine" or lack of one. You started to only sleep on me during the day because of your stuffy nose. Some nights you would only sleep with me as well. It was a long month. You could barely lift your head up when you were doing tummy time. You didn't like doing it so mommy didn't do it much :(. You would play on your play mat for about 15 mins and then you wanted to be held. Your smiles were showing up more and more all the time. We love those smiles! You were just getting out of newborn clothes and into 0-3 month clothes. I look back at pictures now, just two months later, and you look SO tiny. I cannot even believe how much you have grown in such a short time. Daddy helped a TON during this month at night time. Mommy was so tired from the day that he took on an 8-12 shift. Many nights when mama was exhausted, Daddy would put you to sleep, change you, play with you etc. during this time. It gave mama a much needed break. You had your first Christmas during your third month. It was lots of fun. Christmas Eve Eve we spent with the Deans. They even took you home with them that night for our first night away from you. It gave us a chance to wrap presents and get ready for Christmas. We spent Christmas Eve at your Great Grandma Jean's house in Bothell where you got lots of presents. Christmas morning was at your Great Grandpa and Grandma Geiselman's. You got even MORE presents and then we went to Grandma and Papa Knights for the rest of the day. You wore a cute little outfit that said Santa Baby that Grandma Sherie got for you. You also went on your first road trip on New Years Day. We took you to surprise your Grandma and Papa Knight, uncles, and the Robaks at Ocean Shores. You slept the whole way there and back. Good Job Baby Girl!

Love, Mama

(I know this one is super dark... but the expression is SO cute!)

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