Transform Me

Monday, March 14, 2011

It's interesting being sick as a mama. I haven't experienced it much & I really don't enjoy it. I love being able to get things done in a hurry and take care of my two loves. Last night though, I woke up with a terrible sore throat and was so exhausted I couldn't get up with CK. Thankfully... my mom lives within driving distance (as you have heard me talk about before) and she came to my rescue.

The funny thing is, I don't feel extremely sick. My throat just hurts and I am having a hard time doing anything that doesn't involve laying on the couch. I'm thinking that the old wives tale about moms never getting sick isn't true after all.

This morning the Holy Spirit helped me to realize something. Sometimes when we are sick it helps us to slow down. Normally I would have been doing things all day long. Go, go, go. Item checked off after item checked off. Today was different though and I was just plain exhausted after making my bed, doing a load of laundry, and fixing dinner.

Today's reading on thankfulness was about sharing God's love. It was a great reminder of how the people closest to us show us God's love by their words and their actions.

In one place she says that no lasting transformation would happen apart from God's love.

That is SUCH a true statement. I look back over my life and all of the good that is there is only because of Christ. I have asked for change in areas and he has granted it because of his grace, mercy, and love for me. Thank you Lord.

What are ways that you have experienced God's transformational love? How has he changed your life?

Specifically, the Lord has allowed me to ask for forgiveness. Yesterday's reading was really powerful for me but I didn't have much time to blog. We all need to forgive because of the One that first forgave us. It is definitely not always easy! For example, I led a group of women through a book study. We were all different and at one point I let my pride get ahold of me with a relationship with one of them. Sadly, my flesh took over and I judged her for many things that were different than my more "perfect" ways. In my mind I was just joking and no harm was being done because I was just talking to my husband and a friend about those differences.

Harm WAS being done though. In my own heart. I was gossiping. I was putting a wedge in my relationship with the Lord and my relationship with the other woman. Within a matter of days I knew I had to ask for her forgiveness. I was so scared. Scared that she would in turn judge me for the way that I had acted. Scared that she wouldn't respond well. But I prayed. I did what I knew the Lord was calling me to do. I told her what I had done. All the dirty gossip and judgment. She had a right to be angry and she had a right to know. After I did it a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. I had responded to the Lord's calling in obedience. I am so thankful for his love for me and pushing me to ask for forgiveness. Not only did I obey the Lord but the woman responded with grace and love, telling me that she forgave me. It was beautiful.

JOB Day 18- Where has the Lord shown his love for you and guided you in transformation?


  1. Thank you God for people with soft hearts who forgive quickly. Asking for forgiveness is a hard lesson Ive learned as well. God is so good to point out to us the sin we didnt even realize was sin. Thank you for sharing your life, Megan!

    Ps: beautiful pictures of you and baby!!

  2. Thanks Oksana! I love reading your blog & journey with the Lord. Can't wait till you are back and we can get together!