The Great Move

Friday, October 28, 2011

If you haven't read my newest addition to the blog you can do so here. You will find out when reading the little blurb that the Knight family is making a huge move. I've had some friends recently ask me if I had written anything about what is happening in our family pertaining to us moving. I always seem to reply that, no - I haven't; I'm not sure what to say.

So, I think that it is about time to make this news public.
Aside from just sticking it nonchalantly into my family section of the blog.

If you've been keeping up with our family - you know that God had called Chris to quit his job as a small business banker and to accept a position with our church in Bellevue, Wa. Because of the way that the position worked, we would be raising full support through Great Commission Ministries. I posted the letter that we sent out before going to Orlando for training in mid-July. That trip was amazing; the Lord used it to strengthen and unite us in our marriage and he did some things that I couldn't make public for awhile. Sometimes you can be unsure of details in life and keeping it quiet and waiting on Jesus is the only right thing to do.

So, while we were in Orlando we found out that Chris' technical "boss" was leaving the church to go help out a church plant in sunny southern California. He offered Chris a position there and I strongly encouraged Chris that we needed to stay where we were until we heard differently from Jesus. Because we have had times like this already in our marriage - Chris knew that Jesus would change and soften my heart if we were supposed to go.

That was exactly what happened.

After three days and nights of praying and talking only to Jesus, Chris, and my mom - I knew that God was calling us out of our comfort and into San Diego, California to do full time college ministry. If you know us at all this makes perfect sense. Jesus changed my heart and gave me a love for Him far greater then I had ever experience in college. Jesus captured Chris' heart of stone and gave him a heart of flesh in college. Jesus had us start dating, get engaged, and fall in love in college. Jesus had us share our faith in college. Jesus had us be part of small and large movements of Christians in college.

So it makes complete sense that our ministry would be to those
in college.

A little background.

I'm a Washington girl; born and raised.
I love Seattle, the city skyline, the coffee, the Puget Sound, Pike Place.
I love rain, clouds, storms, and the beautiful summers (not this year) that we get.
I love that my parents, in-laws, friends, community of believers are minutes away.
I love that my dad uses an air conditioner 5 days a year (not every day!)
I love that Siena was born here.

So, just so it's clear.
I'm not thrilled to be going to constant 77degree weather, sun, hot beach days, 22 hours from my family, away from my church, starting over with relationships.

I am thrilled to be answering God's call on my life. To be obedient to his command. To respect and honor my husband. To give everything up, take up my cross, and follow Him. This far surpasses any heartache that I will experience, any loneliness, any sadness. I truly want my moments, days, weeks, months, years to be marked by obedience and faithful pursuit of my Creator. & this is a step in that journey.

With all that said, I am excited. I am nervous & I am a thousand other things as we go through this support raising crazy last Holiday season with our families. But I am thankful - thankful that God has revealed His precious plan for us and grateful that we are able to be used by Him for Him.

Day 26
Jeremiah 32:38 says, "They will be my people, and I will be their God."
How can you be praising Jesus in prayer and thanksgiving?
What can you praise Him for? Write it down and stick in that blessings jar!

Today I am thankful for these two and the life that I have been given that I do not deserve. My baby girl loves that Daddy of hers and loves John Deere!

siena and dada



  1. That is so awesome! Where in California all y'all moving? I moved out here from Florida for my husband's job. While it is difficult starting over, if it's where God is calling you it won't be anything shy of perfect :-)

  2. oh i love this and dont love this all at the same time. girl, you are such a good example of following wherever the LORD calls you to go, even if its out of your comfort zone.
    like i said, i pretty much knew this would happen when i became friends with the knight family. ;)

    i am looking forward to this new chapter filled with sweet letters from maggie to sienna { and to you from me!} amazing pictures of your sweet family on the the sun! hopefully some skpe dates :) and to making paper chains to count down the days until i see you again. {christmas? thanksgiving? just because?}

    i love you sweet friend.

  3. You're moving to California!?!?!? Bah, too bad it is an 8 hour drive from where I live because I'd love to help you get settled. It's cool to hear about what God is doing in your life. Sounds like a fun adventure. :)

    -Erin K.

  4. Again, SO excited for you guys! You have our support and more importantly, our love and prayers!

  5. Megan!! coming from faith blogs...{I JUST saw your message!!! will reply soon. :D} SO excited for you as you start this journey. My husband is a pastor, and started in college ministry. :) it's awesome.

    will pray for you - and, I look forward to getting to know you better through your sweet blog. :)

  6. You're an inspiration Megan! Looking forward to hearing more about this move hopefully tonight :)

  7. we are moving to san diego! thank you for all of your comments! we are excited to see how the Lord moves!