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Friday, April 15, 2011

Drum roll...

Here it is! Our vacation in a few words and a lot of pictures. I hope you enjoy. If you happen to be wondering, I will finish the 31 days of Thankfulness - soon!

Friday - We got in to LAX at 1130. Started driving, talked the whole drive, held a paper bag in case PT threw up again.


Saturday - Got to Palm Desert at 230am. In bed by 3am. Slept like a rock till 6, fed Siena. Slept till 930. Walked around the hotel, ate Starbucks breakfast - mad because they didn't have breakfast sandwiches.. what kind of a Starbucks is that?? Walked around the hotel (by the way, if you like Saved By the Bell - do you remember the episode where Jessie's dad gets married? He brings them to a hotel, WE STAYED THERE!) saw really beautiful pools & a gorgeous golf course. Drove to the Love Palace. Fell in love with the Love Palace. Get unpacked. Lay by the pool. Eat amazing food. Ready to repeat.





Sunday - Eat yummy breakfast. Have family church. Sing acapella worship to Jesus family style (Amazing Grace & Deep and Wide). Go around the circle and say what we are thankful for. Lay by the pool. Get ready for pictures. Meet Jhen. Fall in love with the Stark family. Have my dream photo shoot. Know I'm going to get amazing photos. Talk and talk and talk to the Starks. Eat yummy dinner. Hang out by the fire. Wish the Starks would move to Seattle.

Monday - Coffee date with Chris. Driving date with the ladies. Go to Good Will, Target, another thrift store, Big Lots... and many others. Probably layed by the pool. I'm not sure what else happened that day.

Tuesday - Lay by the pool. Chris' parents and Grandma M get in to town after touring Vegas. Go out to dinner with them. Eat yummy pizza. Walk back to the house because Siena is too tired and is falling apart. Sit at the fire pit.


Wednesday - Up a mountain, 8,000 feet above sea level. 80 people fit in the gondola. 40 were in ours. Terrified. Great thing Chris had Siena because I almost passed out. Thankful to Chris' parents for taking us there even though it was one of my greatest fears. Finally got down. Back to the Love Palace. Ate fancy dinner. Ice cream date with Chris. REALLY yummy coldstone. Coffee with brownie - I will get it again and again. And again. Played Wits and Wagers. SO FUN. Can't wait to have money to buy it. Or play someone elses.



Thursday - Head to the Living Desert. Look at all the cool animals. Take a sigh of relief because Siena napped on Chris in the frontpack. So happy that it was sunny. Grocery shop with the ladies. Eat peanut butter pasta & yummy asian salad (Thanks Sheree!).







Friday - Guys take little guys on a hike. They get back. Ladies get pedicures! Yeah clean and pretty feet. Go on a date with Chris for dinner. Yummy calamari, burger, fries, and gnocchi gorgonzola. And a yummy desert called bong bong...? Played Wits and Wagers.





Saturday - Lay at the pool. Rach & Ray get into town. Love spending time with her because it had been 2 YEARS. Walk at El Paseo. Get asked once again, "Is that YOUR baby?" Yes. Thank you. She's beautiful. But that's not what you're asking. SHE is my baby. I am legal. Thanks. Try not to have a hard heart. Lay at the pool & play in the pool. Eat yummy food and yummy brownies and coffee ice cream.

Sunday - Drive to LAX at 6am. Get on a plane. Land in Mammoth. Stay on the plane. Land in San Jose. Eat yummy pizza. Get on another plane. Finally land in Seattle at 630!





  1. What precious memories!

  2. lol. People don't think your old enough to have your child?? really. HOW annoying that must get. Definitely sparks prayer I'm assuming. "LORD HELP ME" moments. I think you look quite of age. The pictures are great and your daughter is so gorgeous. I'm glad you had such an amazing time :).


  3. Oh My, what a vacation! Sounds like FUN! And, thanks for the love! Wish we moved up to Seattle too!