almost.the.end. & a fun thing.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Our last week has been so full of
  • rest & relaxation
  • fun
  • fellowship
  • games of wits and wagers
  • investing in new & old friendships
  • laying in the sun
  • trips to the Coffee Bean
  • yummy meals
  • splashing in the pool
  • thought provoking & intentional conversation about ministry
  • and so much more.
I can't wait to share more (writing & pictures) when I get home & have time to reflect on the week.

I do have a fun thing to share though! The first day we got into California, I got an email telling me that I was added to Faith Blogs! So hop on over & check it out! There are honest, real, encouraging blogs on it and I am SO blessed to be a part of it. Thanks Katie!


  1. yay meg! congrats on being added to faith blogs! as soon as i get my blog all fancy that was my plan{dream} too!! :) i love you sweet friend and i am so excited that our hobby is turning into something really special! can not wait for you to get home so we can catch up!

  2. how exciting to be recognized by a site that fully supports those who blog in complete FAITH with the mission to let others know their love for Jesus. Thank you for sharing your life. I love the look of your blog!


  3. Yay for Faith Blogs! You deserve it! And wahoo for such an amazing trip for you guys!!!! Can't wait to hear the stories!

  4. Megan, you are WELCOME! Sounds like you had a fantastic time! Check your inbox! :) With love, Kate