Wednesday, April 27, 2011

24 today!

Wow. I don't feel much different and I know I don't look different (some still think I am half my age). But today sure has a blessing with all the encouragement from people I know and love.

23 things that happened during my 23rd year:

1.I fell more in love with Jesus
2.I fell more in love with CK
3.I had a baby girl that I also am in love with
4.I became a member of Mars Hill Church & boy do I love it
5.I started the deaconship process
6.I ended my teaching career after a year to be a SAHM
7.I moved two times
8.I celebrated (with a sweet sign my hubster made me) my first Mother's Day even though my babe was still in the womb
9.I had to say goodbye to my sweet kitty Simon
10.I started blogging more frequently
11.I celebrated my first anniversary being married
12.I got an Iphone
13.I watched our community group grow LARGE and have to replicate
14.I met a sweet family, the Ds & now they are like my family
15.I ate probably more than 23 cheesy bean and rice burritos from Taco Bell - but hey, I was prego!
16.I survived 21 first graders
17.I enjoyed MANY firsts with SJ
18.I got to celebrate my sweet friend Christina getting hitched to my sweet friend Andy
19.I celebrated my sweet friend Shelbs running her first marathon (that I was supposed to run too but got prego..)
20.I moved into my first (rented) home
21.I was blessed with my second car (GOODBYE Suzuki Esteem & HELLO Toyota Highlander)
22.I was insanely blessed to go on a vaca to Cali with our sweet friends (more like family) the Cs.
23.I got to celebrate my friend's the Ms getting a job promotion and having a baby!

WOW. I'll say it again. WOW. There were others OF course. But these were the big ones.

Love you all!


  1. Oh my gosh! I made your top 23?!! I feel honored! I love you meg!!!

  2. Happy 24th! You are SO young :)

  3. God is so good isn't he. Counting our blessings truly keeps things in the right focus that GOD is good ALL the time...



  4. happy birthday sweet friend!! {i know this is a day late...} i feel blessed & honored to make your top 23... & so excited that we got to do so much together this past year! love you!!

  5. Happy Birthday! That sounds like an amazing 23rd year :)