We are.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

-safely home (THANK YOU for your prayers!)
-ready for a good nights rest
-eating mac and cheese for dinner because our ricotta & spinach pasta had mold on it (that's what you get for leaving for a week!)
-listening to our heater chuggin along who's airplane-esque noise used to bother me and now the sound is quite familiar & homey after three flights today
-excited for our Disneyland trip after seeing so many families coming home from the Happiest Place on Earth dressed in head to toe Mickey garb
-already missing the familiar sounds of Selah Gracie saying, "Oh MY goodness," and laughter during the fun time after the kids were in bed
-loving the fresh smell of good 'ol rainy Seattle
-happy that we got to fly over Yosemite & the Space Needle all in one day
-looking forward to snuggling in our bed tonight - yes we sleep in a full so this really was a vacation with the large queen size bed.

& with that, CK will be home soon from the store with a few groceries. We are going to snuggle up, eat mac and cheese, and go to bed by 9:15. Can't wait to fill you in on our wonderful vacation!

Good Knight!


  1. how exciting! enjoy your delicious mac n cheese :)!


  2. stopping over from Jhen's blog!!! Glad to have found you!!