real knight life.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Today I want to share with you some of the real knight life. I've been doing so many posts in bullet format... I just haven't had the time or energy to pour myself into any good writing. I've just been struggling lately to find a balance. To not get wrapped up in blogs, posts, and followers. To remember my purpose in starting this blog.

To show others Jesus through my life and writing.

If I'm not doing that, I don't want to write another post.

So every day I follow the Holy Spirit's directing of my day and time. If that doesn't entail writing a post, then my sweet little blog will have to wait. And yesterday and today it did just that.

But life was so sweet. I learned about bitterness. I woke up with a bad attitude and a bitter and hard heart toward my husband. It came out of nowhere. Divinely, my new bible study was on Hannah and the bitterness she dealt with over never conceiving a child. My heart was changed in a matter of minutes and by the time Chris got back from coffee, my heart was ready to beg for forgiveness. What a sweet time of reconciliation and conversation.

I spent the rest of the day laughing with my parents and brother at my sweet baby girl.

By the time we got picked up from CK it was time to feed Siena solids for the first time! I cannot wait to show you the video. It is amazing. Tomorrow it will come or the day after ;).

Then the day ended with another sweet picture involving my little girl. I was nursing and rocking her to sleep and her hand was resting on mine. She kept moving her little hand back and forth. It was so sweet. In that moment I felt more tenderness and love than I ever had. In that moment I felt what I know God feels toward us. He loves us with the most tender love. So many times our thougts on how he views us are skewed. I pray that our perspective be redeemed today.



  1. Oh, what an amazing moment of reconciliation that must have been!

    I love you passion for sharing Jesus!

    P.S. Your 'follow' option is gone, I don't know if that's permanent or temporary.

  2. never mind, that "follow" gadget is gone for others... must be temporarily down

  3. how blessed are we that even in the midst of anger, pride or hardening our hearts our Lord speaks to us and beckons us and woos us. How tender a love that is the love of God. I really enjoy your blog girl. Authenticity is something I think I definitely struggle with in the blog world because I do sometimes get more focused on my followers, their posts, and everything BUT the reason God gave me this blog to begin with. To share HIS LOVE through my honesty and transparency. Only He can give us the balance.

    Sorry for the tangent. haha I tend to do this in the comment section :/...

    have a blessed WEDNESDAY!!!


  4. This post was great!!! I love your way of writting things :)

  5. Hey, just hopped over to your blog from Jhen Stark, and it's really great! You have a great writing style :)

  6. just stumbled upon your happy that I did!! you have a beautiful family :)

  7. I just found your blog through Jhen @ From Here to Eternity. :) I struggle with those random moments of bitterness as well. But it's always amazing to see God "fix" my heart in those times. I'm following now! Always love finding other believers not afraid to share God's love in the virtual world!

  8. Wow. This is so beautiful Megan! It is so easy to get caught up in so many things and forget the purpose in this life is to share Christ and live for Him! Thanks for this post!