Hearing with faith

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Today my husband is wrapped in a blanket, cuddling on the couch watching football. My baby girl is asleep in her crib. They are both sick and I've taken this time to get away while they both rest. It is the first time in a long time that I have gone to a coffee shop to spend time with the Lord and get rest and rejuvenation. It is medicine for my soul. The rain outside, the red cup with a peppermint mocha inside, and the ESV study bible are a recipe for a cozy few hours.

Lately my lovely friend Ally and I have been reading through Galatians together. It has been a great time of fellowship, accountability, and learning for both of us (I know her that well that I can speak for her too!). We have read through the first two chapters already and today I started reading chapter 3. I was praying that the Lord would speak to me during this little vaca in the middle of the day and he is sweet to do so. Chapter 3 is all about how we receive the Holy Spirit. The Galatians had been misguided by false teachers into believing that we receive the H.S. through the things that we do. Paul is emphatically encouraging the believers that we receive him ONLY through faith! Here is where I will plug that you buy a study bible if you don't already have one. The way that using a study bible to dissect verses and words, to give you proper meaning, and to expound on passages is so beneficial. It has truly taken my time with Jesus to another level. It goes from being your own interpretation to a mini sermon right there as you sit quietly in your bedroom. I love it!

So as I read through the first few verses and the commentary that coincides with it - my heart was struck by something. Paul says in verse 3, "Are you so foolish? Having begun by the Spirit, are you now being perfected by the flesh?" To bring this verse to life in my current situation I'll tell you what Chris and I have been going through.

Since being married Chris and I have felt deep inside that we are to have a large family. This may sound crazy to you - but we have no limit on the number of biological, foster, or adopted children that the Lord may bless us with. We want to be completely open handed with what he wants our family to look like. My loving husband has a sweet desire to continue to grow our little family. And soon. If you remember what I wrote about when Siena was first born - it was either sparse, lonely, or filled with an attitude of pessimism. I had a difficult time. For the last few months Chris has gently asked me when I would be ready for Baby #2. I told him over and over that I was not ready and that I wanted to wait. Being who he is - he is fine with this but praying that when the time is right that the Lord would show both of us.

Yesterday he asked me if I would pray about having another baby. I told him I would with that feeling in the pit of my stomach that the Lord's answer would soon be yes. A few hours after praying for that, a sweet friend prayed for me and my fears and that the Lord would comfort me and bless us. Like I told her, it is not that I don't want more children or that I understand that it isn't about waiting 2months versus 2years. For me it is waiting for peace, desire, and encouragement from Jesus. In the commentary for verse 3 it talks about receiving the Spirit and that it means being sanctified and empowered by the Holy Spirit.

There are things going through my head about Baby #2. But they are all about me. They are not about Jesus. They are my fears and anxieties. They are my worries and my sins. But the peace that comes through this verse is that I can be sanctified, changed, and empowered by the Holy Spirit. I can change. Ahh.. peace.

Looks like the first part of my peace, desire, and encouragement prayer has been answered.

Thankfulness Day 27.
Can I just praise Jesus right now?
I just opened the book and the first words I read were, "What opportunity has God presented you with that you have been afraid to accept?"

I'll leave it with that.
Love you guys.


  1. That is so awesome! I love it when the Lord chooses to bless us through His word.

  2. Oh wow Megan. Thank you for sharing so honestly here! I'm thankful the Lord spoke to you so clearly, and will pray for you right now---that you'll genuinely, obediently be able to say "when you move I'll move, when you stay I'll stay-if this life i lose, I will follow you ". Btw, I love my esv, too, and I hope your family feels better!