we are thankful for

Sunday, November 27, 2011

- my sweet girl Siena Joy. How life can vanish so quickly. In loving memory of Madison Paige.
- going to a wedding and having fun with my mother in law!
- when Chris forgives me for disrespecting him
- $ for my new blog
- Spring, sun, cherry blossoms, light out @ 6pm
- a break from busyness
- close friends who are there to give us what we need
- asking for friend's forgiveness and receiving an amazing response
- having an amazing first month at the Clayton's home
- learning Galatians 5:16, walk by the Spirit and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh
- cherishing sweet time with my baby
- friends watching Siena
- Buyer for the Highlander
- Salvation! Christ died for me while I was still a sinner! Hallelujah!
- sanctification and transformation! By God's grace we can change.
- praying for reconciliation with a friend and receiving that exactly.
- watching the birth of my friend's baby girl
- my mom and her sweet heart, how she gifts me with TJs, food, and love
- friends sending Starbs cards in the mail
- PT's first day of school; thinking about my childhood and our kid(s)
- the mens advance; thank you that all the men in our CG are going!
- weather, I constantly see the Lord in the rain, sun, wind, and snow.
- S&A having us over and giving us yummy french chocolate pastries
- all of lifes modern conveniences. esp. iPhone, computer, boogie wipes, chapstick and Siena's playmat
- A's sweet response to us leaving, she knew we would at some point...
- friends crying when we told them about SD; shows true friendship
- clothes from friends and people we don't know well for Siena
- HEALING for Chris' sickness
- $20 on the floor...
- the Lord bringing me to this high place of treasuring all moments with SJ
- inlaws paying for SJ's party
- spouse serving the other when ill
- ability to share Jesus with others
- the Lord telling us to go to SD, His will be done!
- 1) we aren't out of money 2) we aren't unemployed 3)we aren't homeless 4) we don't have major illnesses 5) we haven't lost a child
- our 1st support appointment was SO encouraging
- friends bringing us food when Chris was sick.
- Siena napping.
- Siena saying first words; esp Hi Dada!
- an amazing friend who blesses us constantly with food, fun memories, and money when we really need it.
- holding my mom's hand at the women's retreat - knowing that we will do this for eternity; praising Jesus together!
- knowing God is working through this possible internship. we don't know what it looks like yet but we bet as we read this we do. 3/20/11 (YEP!)
- papa accepting Jesus before he passed away.
- special friends and how we connect on every level in life
- N&O calling out of the blue wanting to support us!
- a clean kitchen
- Clayton's letting us live with them
- meeting D's and G's in Orlando; lifelong friends!
- amazing vacation with friends!

(Just a little glimpse into our Thanksgiving and what we have been thankful for in 2011)


  1. Newest Follower. Love your blog! Found you through FAITH BLOGS. :)

    I am a young Pastor's wifey & mommy to 2 kids. :)

    Thanks so much for helping out with FAITH BLOGS! Love that community!

  2. Oh my goodness, awesome list. I feel like I should make one of these for my year, just to be sure I focos on the blessings and not the downfalls or trials.

    Thanks for sharing this, Meg.