Wednesday, November 30, 2011

With tomorrow being December 1st (how did that happen?!?!) I think that it is probably appropriate that I post something about advent. Chris, if you are reading babe - please stop now. I appreciate that you read my blog but I want these things to be a surprise!!

Growing up we inherited a felt advent calendar that my Grandma Oma (our great grandma) made for my dad and his brother when they were young - similar to this. My brother and I would be so excited to remove the ornament from the pocket and place it on the tree with a pin. We also had the excitement of a chocolate advent calendar whose chocolate wasn't the best quality but we enjoyed it anyway.

After Chris and I got married we didn't have many Christmas decorations. My grandma and I went shopping in a quaint little town called Sumner where there are a few antique and home stores that she enjoys going in. I found the advent calendar that I had been dreaming of - complete with a rustic feel and handpainted Christmas figures on each little door. My grandma offered to pay for most of it as it was a little steep... and I took that thing home with excitement. That year we put little ornaments from Crate & Barrel, chocolates, and little notes that either gave gifts or love to our spouse inside the little doors. The next year Siena was under 2 months old and I was exhausted - so advent didn't happen.

Learning and grace are two parts of becoming a wife and mama. I've seen both through and through over the last two years and am really excited for the hope they give me. We can have a more God glorifying and Jesus honoring advent season. Our hearts can be aligned with his and our family can build traditions to come to each year. This gets me excited, hopeful, and thankful that we don't have to stay in years past. By God's grace it will get even better in the future years!

This year here are ten ideas of what we are doing:
- Christmas Ship & Clam Lights on Dec. 2nd if you live near us!
- Go on a snow adventure
- Read the story of Jesus' birth
- Deliver treats to neighbors with a card telling them of the true reason for the season
- Go caroling; Sing songs praising Jesus for coming!
- Have a Christmas dance party!
- Make snowman pancakes
- Serve at the food bank; Jesus came to serve, not the be served.
- Make/decorate/eat Christmas cookies
- Drink hot cocoa and talk about what you are thankful for

Add another 14 things to the list (or email me and I'll give you the other 14+ that we have compiled!) and you have fun, family filled things to do during the advent season. It truly doesn't matter what you are doing as long as you bring it back to the Lord and his purpose for coming to earth. It is a celebration! The other part that I have added is from this blog, thanks to my friend Lexi. Chris, Siena, and I will be doing a reading each day during our little adventure. I may add some pictures on Friday when I get home of our advent calendar but be creative! You definitely don't have to have one like ours to have a creative and fun month.



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