Sunday, January 23, 2011

Yep, I'm a planner. I love to do lists, calendars, notes, and planners... that combine all three of the previous things. I love checking things off on a list. I feel accomplished. This feeling is fine in life until it starts to creep in to your relationship with the Holy One. God does not want us thinking that spending time with him, knowing him, or any of the other facets of our relationship with him are things on a to do list that just get checked off. He desires us to know and treasure him, after all he created us in his image, for his glory and joy. We should find joy in spending time with him.

I do however, find life much easier to be handled when things are written in one place. Which is why I was so excited and almost cried the other day when Shelbs checked my mailbox for me and there was no planner awaiting me. Little did I know the FedEx man would knock on the door with it in his hands a mere 20 mins later.

My friend Lexi introduced me to tinyprints and we got our Christmas cards made through them this year. They have a great feature where you enter addresses and for a small fee they print them and mail them off! It was such a help as a new mama! Anyway, after Christmas I got an email for 1/2 off planners and I still needed one! I absolutely love it! I got to upload a picture and explain how I wanted our names. The inside is cool too, with tons of space to write!

Let me know if you want one! I have coupons for 10% off!
Beautiful Personalized Planners!


  1. I love how much you are blogging!!!!! :) the new planner. It puts mine to shame! :)

  2. Oh my goodness, that is such a cute planner! I am totally with you on planning :)

  3. I love that planner! I'm the same way as you are with planning and making lists and feeling like stuff needs to be on paper, in one place, as well as in my head :)

    I'd love the 10% off coupon if no one else has claimed it!

  4. Sure thing stef! I have multiple! Will you be at group tomorrow?