Rest? What?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The last two weeks have been crazy. Really fun, busy, crazy days filled with things to do. Not restful though. I'm not sure where we were driving home from, could have been my parents, the Lantings, the Deans, the Claytons, the store - see what I mean & if I keep thinking that list could grow & grow, but I told Chris that I needed rest. That we should have a full day of it. So my creative, come to the rescue, Knight of a husband declared his day off this week as omelette, movie, rest & relax Thursday! YAY!

So, to say the least... I'm very much looking forward to tomorrow. God says we aren't guaranteed tomorrow, that all we may have is today. So, I am also excited for time with amazing friends today, my baby girl, and the moment CK walks in the door tonight.

Oh, and I'm also excited to make Tomato Bisque... which I found out I need a blender for & don't have one. Can I borrow yours?


  1. your husband is a pretty darn smart guy. Keep him :)

  2. you can borrow my magic bullet when you come to pick me up! love you!!

  3. You can borrow mine! Just let me know and I will drop it off! We NEVER use it. :)