5am, tippy toes & laundry

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

that is what today is all about.

Siena broke out of her swaddle & woke up at 5am. I fed her because I don't want to spend an hour putting her back to bed. I went back to sleep and drifted in and out because of CK's many snooze attempts and eventually got up to... yes I'll say it on my blog: pump. Afterwards, I realized I hadn't set CK's coffee so I went into the kitchen and all of a sudden he was there.
"How do you get the coffee?" He asked with a grin.
"I stand on my tippy toes." I replied (with a little bit of attitude as you all know)
"You cutest." He said with another smirk.
Yes, I have to get the coffee down while standing on my tippy toes. I cannot reach our highest cabinets and that is where the coffee goes. The coffee I don't drink. The coffee that I make lovingly each morning for my husband unless one of two things happens. 1. I make it the night before - which is amazing if I remember! 2. The baby is up all night and I can't get out of bed to make it.

There is so much laundry all the time. Stacks of laundry waiting to be put in drawers and hung in closets. A
huge bin of laundry in the office waiting to be put in. I'm sick of laundry. & usually I love it.

Something I'm thankful for today:
-Mom coming over
-Seeing Ally
-Community group tonight - a party to bid everyone goodbye as we go our separate ways


  1. I totally feel your pain... just wait until the family grows even more ... then laundry starts to become the only chore you're able to do all day long because there's so much of it! I've come to realize that laundry is not merely laundry, but a 3-step process. 1- managing to put it both into the wash and into the dryer. 2. Folding the laundry and the dreaded 3. Actually having to put it away. You can tell how much I obviously adore laundry as well ;)Love you!!

  2. Oh the laundry. I have some in the washer, some in the dryer, some folded on top of the dryer, some folded in room waiting to be put away. Sometimes I'm dressing out of a basket of clean laundry. Or out of the hamper, on a bad day.

  3. love you both! all these mama lessons are more fun because of people who can relate!