Monday, July 16, 2012

Yesterday we drove twenty minutes away.
Yesterday we parked the car when we arrived and walked to the elevator to get to floor five.
Yesterday we got off the elevator to view a waiting area full of tear filled people waiting in anticipation.

Yesterday we heard what had happened to a man we had never met but whose family and friends held so dear. 
Yesterday we prayed with them for healing; physical and spiritual. 
Yesterday we met his wife, daughter, son, friends. 

Yesterday we stood in his hospital room.
Yesterday we were very aware of his presence but he was not aware of ours. 
Yesterday we prayed over him.

Yesterday we watched as the nurses had the family come into a room and hear the new report.
Yesterday we heard sobs coming from the room as the staff left.
Yesterday we saw the faces of people in hysterics who are left with news that is unbearable. 

Yesterday we left the hospital completely shook up.
Yesterday we wished to have known this wonderful man before this day.
Yesterday we sat in sober silence.

Yesterday we were given a new understanding of the gospel.
Yesterday we realized that Jesus is our only solid rock to stand on.
Yesterday we remembered that without Jesus - our life is literally sinking in sand.

Yesterday I thought about all who do not trust Christ whose lives are in sinking sand.
Yesterday I about the things you hold so close - wealth, power, status, appearance. 
Yesterday I wanted to tell you to run to Jesus who wants to give you peace on the solid rock.


{Your life is literally in one of two places. On a solid rock. Or in sinking sand. Do you realize you have no control over your life? We don't control our next breath let alone the next hour or day. Yesterday was a hard and sober day. But it was also so good, realizing that Jesus has complete control over life; new life born and also death. When we trust in Him - there is NO fear in death because he has already conquered death when he died on the cross. If you have any questions about the enirety of Jesus' good news, please email me @ meganaliciaknight @ gmail . com}

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  1. Grateful to be standing on that solid rock with you as a friend. This is a lovely post. Thank you for such poetic words, truth in the hardest of circumstances and the presentation of life eternal to those who don't yet have it. Awesome. So sorry for the terrible loss and the poor family that has to come to terms with a new tomorrow. May He be their healer and comforter. xo