Can't Forget

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Walking in the door after a wonderful evening with many sweet friends celebrating a soon to be Mrs, I was welcomed inside by my handsome husband. We exchanged a couple little details about the night and then he told me that Siena had been laid down an hour before and was still not asleep. When he laid her in her crib he told her that Mama would come in and see her when she got home.

So, like all mamas who don't just barge into their child's room (not wanting to wake them up!) I first took a peek on the monitor. The adorable little munchkin was on her back playing peek-a-boo with her little pillow. So, of course I went in.

I picked up that sleepy, heavier than normal, warm little body and went straight to the rocking chair. Those moments that followed were timeless, come without any notice and are so so sweet. She lay on my body so limp yet so excited to be holding her mama. We started our time together by chatting about the night. I would ask a question and she answered with her sweet little words that I wish so badly I had taped.

"Did you have fun with Daddy?"

"Who did you play with?"
"Ezra and Jake."

"Was Lily there too?"

"What did you eat for dinner?"
"Blueberries." (Not what she ate! :)

I couldn't stop rubbing her back and playing with her soft little curls. It was like I was trapped inside a moment that I knew wouldn't last. I knew she had to go to bed but I wanted to stay there for hours. We switched over to mama and daddy's bed and cuddled. Out of nowhere she tickled me. I tickled back. We laughed and smiled and her little face lit up as we communicated like we never have before.

You see, each new time I get a surprise moment like this - she's grown.
She's grown past the crying all night newborn.
She's grown past the bouncing, sshhing, rocking.
She's grown past the needing everything from mama.

The crazy part, she won't be like this for long.
I want to treasure where that little girl is at in each moment.

I can't forget this blessing that God gave me tonight, in snuggling my one year old who soon won't be one. Who loved laying with her mama, snuggling, tickling, talking.

What a gift these twenty minutes were.

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  1. Oh my word, this has me crying like a baby! For reals.... I need to get a grip. Its just so sweet and so very much what crosses my mind on a weekly basis. I'm SO glad you're learning this while your first child is young. Sometimes it takes much longer and I think the "looking back" and wishing moments were treasured more can be painful for some women.
    Anyway, loved the post. We miss you guys.