Tortillas & Siena Video

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Yesterday I posted this picture on Instagram. 
3 ingredient tortillas! 

I got a few responses on Facebook about how they turned out. 
Drum roll.....

They are delicious! 
The recipe can be found here.

I will say a couple of things about the process:
-I was very frustrated with the first couple of tortillas - they didn't turn out the way I wanted them to. All I have to say about this is don't give up! You will learn as you go how to mold, shape, and cook these buggers and they will turn out great!
- Use your hands in the process to smooth it out into a circle. I tried at first to solely use the rolling pin but this didn't produce the shape that I wanted. If you use your palm to smash (gently... I know this sounds weird) it into a circle and then slowly use your hand to work it larger - then use the rolling pin - this seemed to work much better for me. 
-I finally got large circular tortillas but I use the WRONG pan. Next time I will use my normal frying pan or my griddle. The pan I used had a larger rim and it was impossible to lay down the thin piece of dough without it getting a tad misshaped because I didn't want to burn myself on the rim of the pan.
-They taste really delicious. Next time I make them I am using whole wheat flour. This time I only had whole wheat pastry flour in the cupboard and I still don't understand how to use this in a normal recipe... If you do - please tell me!
-One last thing about this - I love the website 100 Days of Real Food. She is absolutely amazing. I am using so many of her recipes now (like whole wheat banana pancakes - SO good!) and her tips and tricks. We are trying to eat more real food around here - so this is a start!

If I only got you here for a Siena video :) here it is!

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