Be Transformed

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Romans 12:2
Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.

An hour maybe (or two if I am really disciplined one day) if I get up before Siena.
A few moments here and there that Siena plays independently.
Two to three hours during nap time.
A few moments here and there that Siena plays independently.
Three to four hours after she goes to bed.

Combine all of that and you have six to nine hours of free time each and every day.
Of course you have dishes, cleaning, laundry, preparation for meals, household duties. Maybe you go to a job and your life looks quite different. But all I am here to say is that my perspective is changed. I have six to nine hours a day and what do I do with it?

I get my family fed, bathed, and well rested. I get my room spic and span. I get the to do list checked.

But do I stand in awe of my Creator?
Do I sit and read His word as if it is actually Him speaking directly to me?
Am I falling more in love with the one that I am going to spend eternity praising?

Or am I hopping on Facebook once again just to see the updates and new photos, status updates, comments...

Am I taking a minute to peruse Pinterest and make sure that I've got all the new things repinned to make my home in San Diego look like it just came straight off of that website? 

Am I reading about others lives more than I am sitting and thanking God for my own? 

I pray that we would begin to be a people who is transformed by the renewal of our minds through scripture. I pray that we would not be conformed to this world. I pray that interests and hobbies would not take the place of a love and an awe so deep of the immense love that Jesus has for us.

I challenge you to take one of those hours that you usually use toward a hobby or interest for self gain and spend it totally wrapped up in the arms of Jesus. If you need direction, Chris and I just watched this sermon (truly great for anyone even though it says a marriage conference) by Francis Chan.

This post in no way is meant to condemn you, but to lead you out of yourself and into the light of the one who made you.

Driving today I had this thought - Wow Lord, thank you for today. Thank you for your will. Thank you that I am thinking about you. What that would look like to spend my days never thinking of you. How that must sadden your heart. As it would break mine if Siena never thought again about her mama.


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