Monday, February 6, 2012

We have been having BEAUTIFUL days here in Seattle. The blue sky, sun, and breezy wind have been an exceptional addition to the week. Just today I took the girls to the park and we played ... it sure doesn't feel like February. But I will take it!

This weekend was my sweet friend Shelby's birthday! We had a fun night of happy hour at Matador (some amazing carne asada nachos!!) and some yummy frozen yogurt. I love you Shelbs! Happy 26!!

Our family has been busy with support appointments and our support is coming in all the time! Praise the Lord. Just the other day we reached 77% in our support goal, please pray that we would reach 90% at the end of the month!

Something that Chris and I hold as a high conviction is being very transparent in our lives. That's probably why you have seen things, heard things, read things on here that other people may not always talk about. We think that change happens when we are in close community - opening our lives up for others and being honest. We desire to be that way always and to allow people to see our sin, our desire to repent, and our walks with Jesus.

Here is a little video that we took on the way back from a support apt on Saturday. It is an example of the transparency that I was talking about. Not many people feel comfortable talking about those things... but they are a part of our lives.

**Chris meant to say 2007! We got married in 2009 :)

Enjoy your Monday!


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