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Monday, August 1, 2011

Pleased to finally meet you again!

God is so good. So good that in four days I have a list of 20 evidences of His grace to us. I think that I could come up with more. But really this has been a wonderful start to what I am sure is going to be amazing. Thursday night we took a red-eye to Orlando from Seattle. We left at 11pm and got to Orlando at 11am with one layover for 2 hours. Wow. Thats a lot of traveling!

But we are all three here and in one piece. Even better than that, I would say we are doing really well and enjoying ourselves in this humid, hot, beautiful place!

Evidences of God's Grace Orlando:
- Happy baby at the airport on Thursday after waking her up at 9pm
- Siena asleep to Milwaukee
- Chris and I have had wonderful prayer times together
- Siena sleeping upright on my chest through both flights, something she hasn't done since she was 4months
- Siena did well during the 2.5 hr layover
- We arrived safely in Orlando!
- It only cost $4 to get to our hotel on the Lynx!
- We were able to check in early to our hotel and got a crib (this was a HUGE deal!)
- Chris graciously let us eat poolside after over 24 hrs of not sleeping and not wanting to go anywhere to find food
- Siena slept from 6:30pm - 9:45 am (with a few bouts of crying... but we got onto a new timezone!)
- Chris and I slept from 8:30pm-9:45am!
- Had so much (cheap!) fun in Downtown Disney, especially the amazing guitarist/singer and free ferry shuttle!
- Siena had an hour long nap during which Chris worked out and I had precious Jesus time
- Jesus giving me patience and flexibility even as much as Siena going to bed super late and not napping... if you know me- this is a lot of grace! Thanks Jesus!
- Siena sleeping from 9pm-7am
- Having full bellies frugally!
- Getting to go to Magic Kingdom in Disneyworld! SO much FUN!!
- Nursing mom's room at D.W. ... seriously a huge blessing that allowed Siena to eat, nap, and be cool for a while
- Siena being an extremely flexible/happy baby 90% of the time!

I'll be updating as I can!
Hope you are having a wonderful start to your week!

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