ten months!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dear Siena,

You are such a beautiful girl. My heart shines when I play with you. I love you with more love than I ever knew was inside of me. The bond between us is so sweet, something that I knew from being a daughter but it's oh so different being the mama.


You have done crazy amounts of new things this month. You are pretty tired of eating baby food, so I give you just about anything that I am eating and you love it! You still only have two teeth but you are good at swallowing little bites of food :). You feed yourself almost your entire three solid meals. It's not only amazing to see you growing but it allows me to eat too!


You have begun to crawl, which is SO fun! You get into everything but more importantly you have MORE fun! You go anywhere your little heart desires, you can come to me when you want me instead of just crying, you can get your own toys etc...


You now point at things and people, which you don't know isn't the nicest yet. But you mean it in the best way. You wave at people when I said buh-bye and hi. You now roll from tummy to back and back to tummy! You can make all sorts of sounds with your tongue and lips - it's hilarious.


You LOVE your daddy. He plays with you nonstop and makes you laugh and laugh. He loves getting home and seeing your face light up when you see him.


You are amazing Sugar Pie. We love you SO.


  1. happy 10 months!!
    The picture of Chris is awesome :)

  2. Aw, she has gotten so big! What a cutie!