Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Since arriving at training, we have been welcomed with such warm arms. I love it here and I love what we are able to be a part of. The training is intensive and the new staffers are busy all day long. Siena and I have our normal routine even here. During the last few days before we arrived here, it was easy to be flexible because we were around large, loud crowds. Her loud, shrill screams were ok in the midst of millions of other's at Disney World.

Here however, it's a quiet meeting place with teaching, training, and devotionals. The little glimpses that I have gotten makes me want to stay for more. But my life's ministry is my sweet little 9month old chubby girl. This morning, Chris asked me, "Are you sad that this is what you have to do while we are here?" I told him, "No! This is my typical day!" It seems funny to him I'm sure that amidst the Florida weather (90's temps, hot sun, and thunderstorms), the fun training, meeting new people, and quaint apartment that we are living in - that I'm not feeling as if I am missing out. But truly, my days consist of naps, diapers, feedings, playing, and loud baby noises. I love it.

I especially love that I got to see another first from my little one today. We were walking back after dinner (after trying to sit through a session but the Joy wouldn't quiet down) back to our apartment. We passed an older couple that had their three grandchildren with them. The grandmother waved at Siena and I told her to say hi. Siena waved back! We have been trying to teach her this for months!

I brought her back inside and started tickling and playing with her before bedtime. I started waving at her in hopes that she would do it again and she did! It was the sweetest thing. I really love watching her learn new things and develop into a sweet little girl.

Here she is last week at the park! More pictures from that day, coming soon!