Friday, May 6, 2011

I'm at a place of being content with the way that I look. It has been a HUGE struggle for a long time. But lately, my husband has helped me see something. Every part of us physically was created by our sovereign God. Our body type, our skin color, our facial structure - each designed by the Creator & each exactly how he wants it. I do believe that we are to steward our bodies because he gave them to us as a gift. But there is a balance between being healthy and being obsessed. Through this lesson, I have come to understand that I want to love and enjoy who I am.

One area that has been a struggle lately is how young I look. I know. I know. In 10,20,30,40,you name it years - I will love it!!!!!!!!!!!! But I am not there yet and so I don't fully understand the love that I will have for my young looking face. I got over this while in high school when people practically thought I was still in elementary school, and in college when people thought I was in junior high. But I am now a mama & people constantly ask, "Is that your baby?" And, "Is that your kid?"

So, in hopes of being transparent... I'll be honest and say many times I have replied with a tone that reeked of rudeness in my reply of yes. I get worn out and tired of hearing it. I want people to look at her and know without a shadow of a doubt that Siena Joy is my precious baby. But that's not where we are. And you know what folks? I have to be ok with that. The Lord made me with a young looking face and I need to rejoice in it because he made it that way!

Lord please help me to rejoice.

People also constantly think that SJ looks like Chris. Now, (I promise!!!!) I LOVE that she looks like my handsome hubby. But, sometimes I get a little jealous - remember that part about being transparent and honest. I am NOT telling you that my expectations or desires are Godly. But that is what I have been feeling lately. So, we need to battle those wrongful desires with the Lord and with the Word.

So here's the fun part.

We were at my mom's today as my great aunt was in town and the last time I had seen her was at Chris and I's wedding. While we were there she gave my mom my Oma's everyday dishes (GORGEOUS...I'll have to show some pictures soon... and I am a little jealous because the print is so beautiful). If you don't know - in our German family we call our Great Grandma's Oma... just a little tradition that I am forcing to be passed down as we go. She also brought me a vintage sewing book and my Oma's christmas necklace and earring set.

Just a side note: My Oma bought the earrings when her and Opa were out one year. Then for Christmas he surprised her with the necklace... What a sweet man.

Anyway, before this post gets disgustingly long, I opened up my baby book and this is what I found.

Megan Baby 016
Megan Baby 012
Megan Baby 009
Megan Baby 005
Megan Baby 004
If you are just joining us, this is my sweet angel baby.
If I do say so... myself - I think we are a little bit like twinsie babies. If you have ever been in the same room as SJ - look at that little smirk I am making in the picture with Grandpa Don... TOTALLY SIENA JOY!!!!

This made my heart melt and I'm not going to lie, I am pretty excited.



  1. aw your too cute with this one. I know being honest about the things that can drive us wild is hard especially when our blogs are "christian" and we speak of loving him so much. But that is what makes it so much more relate able. When others can see our transparent way of living and that we still LOOK TO CHRIST and HOLD FAST TO OUR FAITH that is when the holy spirit is able to move and call more to seek Christ. I love this one. ANd I love your blog!


  2. Ha ha ..don't you just love old photos...cute!!....and having a young face is helpful when your older...its nice having 10 years shaved off!

  3. AHHHH! You two are so twinsies! Even those last two photos show it! YAY! I love it when people say Joss looks like me!

  4. You do look just alike as babies! So cute.

  5. you are beautiful (seriously) and I've always thought Siena looks more like you than Chris, though I see him in her as well. Loved this post! I need to do the same thing. I used to get told that Rachel didn't even look like my daughter... from my own mother-in-law. Even though I know her opinion isn't necessarily reality, it still hurt :(