love you so.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

You know those people who talk about babies sleep?
You know how they say even if they go to bed later, they WON'T sleep in longer.
I no longer believe those people.

I had a little getting up at 5:45am because she was going to bed at 6:30pm.
Now, she is going to bed at 7:30pm and getting up at ... she's still asleep at 8:22am!!!!!!

Thanks Jesus.

si si



  1. :)
    Our kids are just weird with sleep, so I generally stay out of these talks. Mostly because I end up getting cursed at how well ours sleep. Not sure its anything we did {and if it is, we're completely unaware!} so we just keep our fingers crossed and pray each new member to our family sleeps as well as the one before :)