a PRAYER for faith

Saturday, January 16, 2010


You are my ultimate provider. I am so blessed for so many many things: to be living where I am, having a closet full of clothes to wear, a pantry full of food, hot water, heat, my family is alive, a job, amazing friends, a healthy body, and a country that is plush and posh. Ugh. That is what I feel at this moment Jesus. I pray that the Holy Spirit would be interpreting my internal groanings and making it known to you, the condition of my heart and soul in this time of immense suffering. I am so troubled and distraught by the condition of our world- the enormous grief going on inside Haiti. It makes me sick. Jesus, help those babies that I desperately want to grab, pray for, love, and hold on tight to. I pray that you would someday bring my prayers to fruition, help me to be able to nurture and love an orphaned child someday Jesus. Please give those babies hope, love, and nourishment. I pray for Pastor Mark and Pastor James as they go to Haiti to try to love on the people, bring supplies, and bring relief to the church. I pray for their funds, their transportation, their ministry. I pray for the Christians in Haiti, that they would be bold with the Gospel, the Good News of Jesus. I pray for my own heart, that I wouldn't be overcome with wordliness as I see new jeans and materialism, as I am so easily sucked in to that way of life. Please help me Jesus. Help me to be a prayer warrior for the people. Please help those people to stay alive as they are trapped underneath piles of rubble. Show the rescuers where they are and help them locate those precious lives. I pray for the stability of the buildings Lord, show the people when they need to leave and get out of unsafe situations. Lord Jesus, be the center of the relief work and aid in their country. I pray that hundreds of thousands come to know you because of this. Help people to be moved to put forth money and time to help the country and the people to become stablized. I pray for my Dad's heart. So incredibly affected by sweet Molly Hightowers life and death, that he was put to tears yesterday. I pray that when we go to church tomorrow that his life would be radically altered for the Gospel. He needs you as his savior, please Lord, run smack dab into that stubborn man. He needs change and he needs you. I pray Lord for all the people around the world who are feeling like I am; hopeless and deeply despaired for the people of the country and the loss of lives that we have experienced. Please help us to be joyful even in trial. You command us to that; help us to live it out. Help us to be bold with sharing you with others. Please help us to put YOU at the center of our lives.


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