I AM free, happy, and liberated.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Thank you for hope. Thank you for pursuing my Dad even when I feel like it is hopeless. You are the hope Lord, you are sovereign. Thank you for using Pastor Mark's words to impact my family's lives. Thank you for using death, bad, and ugliness in the world to bring ultimate life to people, grace, hope, and healing. I pray that you would continue to do amazing things... things we would never be able to imagine.


Today's sermon was INSANE. I have been quietly, subconsciously waiting for the day that Mark would preach on Jesus being tempted by the devil (whose name does not deserve capitalization). I was curious how it would pan out and what I would learn. This past year has been one of the hardest I have ever had and I couldn't wait to really think and dwell upon the way that Jesus perfectly responded to the devil's lies. I feel like I learned so much this morning. I know that I can read scripture and that the Holy Spirit can reveal things to me. But today, I am especially thankful for those that Jesus teaches with exactly the right words to reach into my soul and twist and turn until I really and truly understand certain concepts that are really prevalent in my heart.

The sermon came out of Luke 4:1-13; Jesus without sin.
Satan is the ultimate liar, deceiver, and tempter. We do not have a God who cannot sympathize with our tempation, he was tempted for 40 days in the wilderness! How amazing is that... In these 13 verses the main thing that Satan does is attack Jesus' identity. He uses phrases like IF you are the son of God... etc. The most helpful part for me in this time is knowing that Jesus was tempted to believe satan's lies just like I am. However, he never once gave in and I have millions of times. I hear those attacks on my identity and begin to dwell and let myself suffer in those thoughts. This is what I say: ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so sick of his dirty, dishonest, sickening lies that creap into my each and every day. I have a new identity in Christ... and I do not need to dwell upon these anymore.
1. Satan is a real enemy.
2. Satan will H.I.T. you (Hungry, Isolated, Tired)
3. Jesus Christ is your victorious Warrior King
4. The Holy Spirit is your power
5. Biblical truth is your counterpunch
6. Christ is your Identity
7. Escape is always possible
8. Satan eventually taps out
9. Repent when you tap out and fight another round
10. Life is a battle with many rounds.The hope: Knowing, TRULY knowing scripture; it is our only true spritual authority on satan. So, I need to prepare myself for war & that is what I am going to do. Know the Word, Know Jesus, Know how to defeat the enemy for the glory of my Father in Heaven.

I AM free, happy, and liberated.

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