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Sunday, June 10, 2012

We had the most relaxing three days. I am so thankful that we were able to go up and visit Chris' grandma at his wonderful aunt's house!

The trip started on Tuesday at 1pm (no, Siena hadn't napped yet :) we were hoping she would in the car - but she didn't). I was given a  huge gift from my husband that day. Usually Siena says Mama about 1,000 times while we are in the car. She may want a toy, a snack, a chance to say something sweet or the opportunity to whine. I was quite tired though and started to rest with my eyes closed. Chris told Siena that I was napping and for the hour ride I got to have my eyes closed while Chris talked with Siena. It was a HUGE gift and started the getaway off really restfully.

Below is a few pictures from our morning at Disneyland with Siena. We stayed for about two and a half hours with her and went on a few rides and walked around. She loves it! She was dressed as Tinkerbell :).

Around 11:30 we drove back to Chris' aunt's house and put her down for a nap and grabbed some lunch. His wonderful grandma and aunt then watched Siena the rest of the day so that we could have our first Disneyland trip without Siena! Right before we took Siena home we tried to get a picture of her with Mickey but the line closed as soon as we came up. A picture of her mama and dada with Mickey is as good to her! To love my husband well I said ok to going on a few rides that I really don't like. Before we got to one of them I asked him what would happen if it broke down. You will see on the bottom left that we then chose not to ride the ride. As we walked there we saw a car of people stuck before a massive drop off. They all had to walk down. No. Thank you. We had a seriously fabulous time going on rides (together), walking around, eating, and watching a few shows. Thank you Ellen and Grandma!

The next day we stayed and hung by the pool. They have a fabulous backyard with gorgeous flowers, palm trees, a swing for Siena, and a huge pool with a hot tub built in. It feels like a personal resort. Siena also spent a lot of time drawing on an exchascetch lying on her belly and playing with family.

Yesterday we had our sweet friend Eleanor's 1st birthday party! It was put together so nicely by her mom Megan! Siena absolutely loves Eleanor and Megan (maybe Megan a little more, Hold Megan? Is the question constantly asked!).

 Eleanor received a lot of very lovely presents and Siena helped open them. :)

We had a wonderful week and ended it last night with our first ever Salsa dancing lesson with friends. I didn't really want to go... and then I LOVED it. We will probably be going back!

I hope you have a wonderful Sunday enjoying God, his people, and his creation!


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