Siena Joy is a year old

Monday, April 16, 2012

(Actually that was 6 months ago tomorrow...)

I figured at some point I should actually post these. So, I finally edited them and here they are!

I  made this S for the front door - it is now hanging in her room! 

Her cake was pink and tiny - our theme was the tiny girl is turning one! 

Name blocks that my Grandma Janet bought for Siena before she was born. 

The kids painted tiny houses as an activity at the birthday party. 

Our favor was a tiny bag full of tiny cookies! 

I also made tiny birthday hats for the kids to wear. 

Here is my sweet mama! 

We had a photo booth set up in my in-laws huge pantry! 

Some of the props! 

Family photo! 

My first time baking and decorating a cake and mini cupcakes! 

I love this picture!

Sweet Mags. 

We danced. 

Chris dressed up as an Amish woman in shades. 

Grandma M! 

I absolutely love this picture.

The three brothers. 

Daddy praying for his baby girl. 

What do I do with this? 

Oh, this is good! 

Real good. 

Hey, mom. Do you want some?

Here are some pictures on her actual birthday!

**Sorry for the picture overload AGAIN!


  1. NEVER apologize for picture overload :)
    I can't get over how little Siena and Maggie were! And how tiny Evelyn was!
    We were so happy to be able to make it to this party and as far as the late post - better late than never!

    Miss you guys.

  2. Oh, her party was so cute! I love it!