small town usa.

Friday, July 15, 2011

I know. I know. It's been eleven days since the 4th. But c'mon people, just wait till tomorrow when I spill -

Yeah, you heard right.

It's time.

Time for the story to finally be told. Time for the details to come out. Time for me to get really honest. Time for you to understand the scatterbrained posts and lack-thereof.

But really, I love writing. I love telling of the adventures that we go on. I love revealing my heart and being transparent. So, as much as I can - I will continue to. Here is the weekend of the 4th. Well, one day of the weekend. I edited these pictures with Pioneer Woman's heartland action. Isn't it a little small town usa? Love it. It feels to me like I traveled back about hmm I don't know (i really don't know ;) - 50 years? Although 50 years ago I'm pretty sure they didn't have Baby Bjorns, BMX Bicycles, or Petunia Picklebottom diaper bags but you get the idea.
Old cars down on main street. Just in case you are just tuning in, that sweet thing on the right is not me. She is Chris' cousin Annika. Love her.heartland6
Shiny and beautiful. Can you imagine driving in this day to day?
Conconully. Yep. That's where we were. Where the country folk give you nine scoops of cookie dough ice cream when you ordered two. That's just how they roll.

Thank goodness too, because boy that was some goooood ice cream.
She loved the Joy.
And I love the Joy.
And he loved (loves) the Joy.

And there you have it. July 4th, 2,011. Done. Check. Written.

Tomorrow friends, please come back. You'll find out about the haps around here, the glorious story that Jesus is writing for us. Scratch that. The glorious story that he is writing that WE GET to be a part of.




  1. cute pictures! They turned out fun and old fashioned looking.

  2. Megs, you sound so confident in this post. And happy. Its contagious. I am so excited for whatever it is that you are about to share, and I am so happy that God is the one leading you through it all. Love you!

  3. Love the photos, I need to download those actions! I have tried before and failed, but I need to try again! Great post!