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Saturday, June 11, 2011

So, a few things.

1. We sold some of our furniture. This included our TV stand. We unplugged all the internet cables & then couldn't put them back together to restore our internet.
2. #1 resulted in #2 which is not blogging all week. For this I am sorry.
3. We moved today. Wow. Let me just tell you... There is a TON going on in our lives. I will share as I can and right now I really can't say much except that we moved. Our lease is up on Wednesday but 99.9% of our stuff is out of the house. We are being hosted by amazing friends of ours that we love and are excited to spend more quality time with.
4. Oh and we move again in 5 weeks. To another family's house that we love. Isn't this interesting story getting more interesting by the moment? Just wait for the juicy details that will ensue, I am excited.
5. We are trying out the all three sleep in one room tonight for the first time in four months, say a little prayer, won't you?
6. We have been doing a lot of these things that we've never done before...

Taking a liking to our paci!
photo (5)

Sitting up all by ourself (in the sweater Grandma Jean made)!
photo (4)

Holding our own bottle!
photo (3)

Miss you,


  1. how exciting. Thank God for good reliable friends and family in those times right??


  2. Can't wait to hear what's been going on! I love her little purple sweater too - so adorable!