8 months!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

dear siena,

hi baby doll. you are a light in my life that gets brighter every day.
i am beyond thankful for your bright blue eyes and your chubby little baby legs.
you are now eight months old and i cannot believe it. you're beautiful. stunning actually. with huge eyes just like your mama.
you sit up all by yourself. you get up on all fours and rock back and forth. you want to crawl! you eat tons of food. you just cut your second tooth but really the first because the other one went back.
i love you. SO much.
you gave me the sweetest gift this month. i mean - THE sweetest. you hug me now. i pick you up and you cuddle your little body against mine. you snuggle your head into my shoulder. it lights up my world. it doesn't matter what i need to do. i would sit there with you like that for hours. sometimes you do it for a few minutes. ah. i love it.
you love your baby doll. you get excited to hold her. someday you will make a great mama.
you love kitty cats. especially james dean. you love his fur and you laugh when he walks by you. you drag your little fingers against his fur and get so excited.

your little face lights up when your daddy gets home and sings you your favorite tune.
siena joy - we love you sweetie pie. even when you cut teeth and are miserable.
love you so.


  1. she is so cute, Megan! Happy 8 Months, Siena!

  2. just stumbled upon your blog...lovely! she is adorable! my little one is 8 months old too :) blessings!

  3. your baby is so darn cute! And that outfit you have picked out for her is adorable. I just so happen to lvoe Pink :). ha ha

    Blessings to you darling!


  4. Thank you! We agree & think she is pretty cute :)

    I love your blog too arielle! and i think our babes were born pretty close together :)

  5. Aww happy 8 months to your little girl! It really is crazy how fast they grow. It feels like yesterday that my daughter just turned 6 months and now she'll be 10 months in a few days!

    Oh Jazmyn