Friday, December 31, 2010

The truth is... I have had some frustrating thoughts today. I know what some of you will say if you read this, duh megan you're a new mom, i feel the same way, get a clue megan that's how life is now that you have a baby. But hear me out. I'm going through this for the first time & I am learning from the Lord and being sanctified by the Holy Spirit. Yesterday, my truly amazing husband had the day off. Hallelujah! He had the job of putting our sweet little one to bed as I had a meeting at our house. He shushed her and bounced her and she slept for three hours. He banged dishes, vacuumed, and put away clothes in our room. She then slept again after we went out to lunch for another THREE hours. It was so amazing. Today, with my sweet husband gone, I attempt to put her to sleep as he had. I love gleaning from him and his sweet daddy nature. I pray to be humble as I learn from him how to put her down. That my half hour of rocking that results in baby waking up three minutes later, might not be the best approach.

But, she doesn't cooperate. As of right now 12:11pm on this lovely New Years Eve day, she is asleep. But, for how long? I shushed her and bounced her and layed her down over an hour ago. But she has already woken up three times. So I shushed and bounced three more times...

I came out to my living room to read my bible on the third try. That was about 15 mins ago, and I prayed for 20. So.. Haha, Lord you have a humorous side. She just squealed in her bedroom. Hmm... is the little one awake?

If I could only get to the point. I came out here and knew exactly where to read in the Word. Galatians 5. Walk by the Spirit. Hm... As I read that familiar passage, I realized that I hadn't been. I need to. If I am going to survive these days of constant toil of putting precious baby back in and out of her crib, I need to walk by the Holy Spirit.

I realized, I need to be thankful. I'll finish the thankfulness part later, as my sweet baby just woke up :)

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