Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Today was fabulous! 90 degrees... some amazing women and kids from our wonderful church playing at the pool... a car that is going to cost WAY less than we thought to begin with :)... and HEADBANDS!

I found my crib bedding on etsy a couple of weeks ago and just totally fell in love. So when I was finally able to order them last week I kept peeking around at other sellers and their items for little girls. Something that I am so so so in love with for girls is headbands especially when they have giant flowers and rhinestones. Anyway... I came across someone selling them for really cheap (I'm talking cheap! I bought 1 headband at Nord for around $15 -with a flower and these without flowers were about $1 each!!!) and bought 8 different colors. They came today and I was super excited to open the package and touch the colors and the texture of the headbands... I cannot wait to put them on my little angel's tiny head.

Besides headbands, I am pretty much smitten with each and every little girly thing that I come across. Patience is definitely something that you learn when you are pregnant. There are so many things to wait expectantly for... but I am trying to trust the Lord in each area; big and small.

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