Insatiable Desire.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Hi there, 

Today is a blustery, windy, rainy Seattle day. I must not take this for granted. This gray day up here in the northwest. But somehow I have begun to take these days, hours, and minutes for granted. This is what happens when your little one is sick and the days are spent wiping noses, cuddling, hearing loud coughs, and trying to comfort (even when it seems like nothing will ease their discomfort).

Today I realized that I was feeling emotionally off. After sulking for a few minutes in the ugliness I knew that the place I needed to go was to the word. I got a new bible for Christmas, a bigger cranberry version of the one I had before - and I am loving it. Although they are the same words from before it does me good to see fresh pages with no markings and allow the Lord to speak. We had an absolutely lovely Christmas. Time with family, wonderful gifts, tons of food, and relaxation. But I didn't get enough time alone in the word over a few days. You know when that happens, you just feel off, that you are lacking in something and need to do something to overcome it. I've finally realized that a lack of time spent conversing with Jesus makes my entire demeanor and thought process different and of course this time it was no different.

How was your time in the word over the holiday? I pray that it was good, a rich time spent with the one that the holiday is all about. But if you were like me, and didn't get enough - allow yourself to feel the hope that it can change.

I'm going to pray for an insatiable desire for scripture, knowing Jesus better, and sharing the good news.

Are you with me?



  1. I'm gonna pray for the same thing. I think this should be my one and only new year's resolution.
    Thanks Meg.

  2. I know EXACTLY what you mean about the feeling emotionally off and realizing that it is directly related to my time spent with our without my Jesus. It does make such a tremendous difference. It always gets my thoughts off of me and my feelings and onto the King and what His will is for me. So love that your heart is always hearing his voice! Happy almost New Year!

  3. So true! Thanks for posting, Megan!