Honesty & 11 months

Thursday, September 22, 2011

I know that my thoughts around here have been sparse. We have been busy with MTD (Ministry Team Development), getting things back to normal after vacation, and all things life - as I'm sure you understand.
My sweet baby girl turned 11 months a few days ago. That means that I am busy planning a birthday party (with a post coming soon about all things party) and trying to take in my little one before she turns a year old. Every day is new as you mamas understand. But honestly, the reason I've been absent from my blog is because I've been shaking out my priorities. Making sure that how I spend my time is how the Lord wants it. A few things that I'm doing differently are getting up before Siena - who gets up at 6:15, so this means 5:20 for me to shower, have time with Jesus before she wakes, and make her breakfast. I'm not sure how long it will last and even though I am tired it is such a better schedule. I'm not rushed with her, I'm not impatient with her, and my focus is on Jesus and not on my tired and grumpy self. I'm also trying to be more organized and I'm trying to have a creative outlet. I'm praying to love my husband better, to get rid of anxiety and lean on the Lord, and to be used by Him in everything he calls me to. I'm thankful to Jesus for turning this selfish, angry, prideful woman, slowly into a patient, loving, kind, productive one who loves Him more each day.

Dear Sweet Joyful,

This last month has been wonderful. You are truly a joy. We left you for two nights, which was the longest ever. I missed you like crazy and I know you missed me. We picked you up and you cried when you saw us and then you got happy. I could tell that you thought we were going to leave again when we put you in your car seat so I rode with you in the back ;). You are such a verbal baby saying mama, dada, nana, nighnigh (good night), ba (ball), papa, Hi Dada (to everyone), and uh uh uh (uh oh). You are now crawling so fast, pushing to sit on your knees, pulling yourself up to standing, and cruising a little bit. You have always been so interested in details - squishing little things between your fingers and concentrating on a button or a speck of anything. You take all the books off the shelves everyday and pull all the toys out of each bin just to throw them behind you until it's empty. You love to swing at the park and to go on runs in your stroller with me. You eat everything. Little pieces of all veggies and fruits, meat, bread, pasta... you name it - you've probably eaten it. I love you so much. I can't believe that soon you will be one year old. How did time go so quickly?





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  1. meg!! i love her, i love you & it feels like yesterday that we were rubbing our huge belly's dreaming about what these days would be like. i am so thankful for you.